Day: March 19, 2014

Ardhaneswara: Woman and Man in all of us

Close encounters ot the third kind

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Ardhaneswara is an image of goddess Shakti and god Shiva sharing one body. It is symbolic for the concept that every man is both man and woman, and every woman is also man. Osho simply put it like this: we all were created by a man and a woman, so we equally carry aspects of both.

If both sexes are always there in everyone, then so are the qualities related to these sexes. It means that you are potentially whole by yourself. A partner of the other sexe is not necessary to complement you. This is one of the most fundamental, basic tantric concepts – and it’s thousands of years old.

Today we have a strong tendency to emphasize the differences between man and woman. Man are from Mars, woman from Venus – right? We are quite attached to our male or female identity.  Try to imagine yourself (as a woman) wearing a…

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