Gypsy card reading just after new moon

I like to share a reading I received last weekend. The reader was a gypsy medium I met at a New Age fair.

Warning: this was an intuitive reading, more like a storytelling path working, not using any known ‘traditional’ method and/or spread.
Main theme: GIFT & HOPE making a hopeful transit….
DEATH ending current situation
Above MISFORTUNE influence of old traumas on my mind.
Below OFFICER some legal matters (paperwork) to take care of in the physical world
Continuation of my life story:
FIDELITY…MERRYMENT…BELOVED..DESIRE…HOME..MARRIAGE a commitment with somebody with whom I can manifest my great wish of a stabile home
Warning: SOME MONEY…FALSENESS beware of financial sharks.

This reading has a huge emotional impact on me.
Straightaway at the beginning, looking at the ENDING of my current job because of my upcoming pension, realising I will lose some contacts and daily routines, having to adapt to a new phase in my life, a strong emotional reaction went through my body. Immediately the medium facilitated my processing by giving a healing!|
I was reminded of old traumas (breaking up with beloved ones) and my heartfelt wish to meet somebody with whom I can really exchange spiritual exercises and experiences.

This whole week after the reading and healing I had strong dreams…I forgot the details but felt like having done intense work.
Last time I experienced this level of impact was when I met somebody who seemed my twin soul.

Now I wonder about what comes AFTER the ENDING of my old situation…

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