Interview with a new oracle deck Fin de Siecle Kipper


1. Please tell something about yourself
PRISON-locked down
2. What is your most important character trait?
3. Your strengths as a deck of cards
4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards
5. What is the best way to work with you?
MESSAGE OF CONCERN-confront bad news
6. The result of our partnership
PATHWAY-a long journey
7. What else do you want to mention?
THIEF-beware of energy-stealers

1. Train with me to find the “key”, to free myself (with all my strengths and abilities) and to support and advise you with my statements.
2. I have many “gifts” ready for you when the key is found
3. it teaches you to be patient and to keep an eye on the goals – and to teach the people you advise with the cards. This is not about the energy of a “sprinter” – but about the energy of a “long-distance runner”
4. the advice of the cards will not always be perceived as “fair” and they can “seduce” that responsibility is handed over to the card reader. It is important to keep in mind that responsibility always remains with the person who asks the cards.
5. he cards can very well help or deal with bad news, events and disappointments. Because every disappointment is the end of a deception. Either we were deceived or deceived / lying to ourselves.
6. a long shared path …
7. Yes.. beware of Energie-Stealers / Energy vampires… trying to use you . They can help you to identify or disclose them immediately via a consulting them …

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