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Speaker for the Dead-01

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Today I went
to bury my sifu
mixed feelings
we shared a dream
turning into nightmare
building community into cult
i had to break the bonds
to be true
to my self
Today I heard the call
to come to the parting
I had to go
cleansing the hurt
making peace
honouring his teachings
Witness I was
sitting in silence
offering honour
following his body
carrying his image
till the end
saying grace

Source: Urban Dictionary: Speaker for the Dead

Cultic group dynamics

Some thoughts on cultic group-dynamics:
A charismatic leader who believes in his own vision & followers in search of answers.
If the group is developing into a closed one, the dynamic of group-thought will take over. 
Both leader & follower will be caught by the dynamics.
Power corrupts, therefore the leader will be corrupted; it is almost inevitable he will mis-use the power he is given by the consent of the followers. 
It is too easy to shift the burden of guilt to the leader, forgetting the role of the group-members who consented.
On the other hand, it is too easy to blame the group-dynamics only.
[quote]A group does not have to be religious to be cultic in behaviour. High demand groups can be commercial, political and psychological. [unquote]