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At Last: Obama!


At Last
This began with a promise
That i made to myself
That I would never, never stop pursuing
My dream

I lived this and breathed it
It was running through my veins
I knew we needed
I knew we needed

There were many that were thinking
That we were fooling ourselves
That we would never make it far

But I believed in this land
And that there’d come a time
When the world would finally see
Us Shine


At last
We have the change that we need
The journey wasn’t easy
But it brought us here

At last
You can hold your head high
‘Cause the will for change
Never left your heart

And now
You can say proudly
My voice, my voice, my voice
Brought this change
At last
At last

Witches for Obama

A call to spellcraft, found in my mailbox:

65 years ago in the skies above England, pilots fought the Nazis in the Battle of Britain.

Legend has it that witches all over the land held rituals during those days and nights willing victory, willing the aggressors to fail or go home.

The same thing should be happening tonight and tomorrow, everywhere. Witches
should singularly and in their covens, be creating sacred space an doing powerful rituals to support the Battle of America.

People of other faiths should be praying in their own way and in their own traditions.

Call for a new wind, for a new time.

Call for a new change and a new direction. 
What happens in America tomorrow will impact everyone all over the world.

So no matter where you are, I humbly ask that each of you in your own tradition, turn your prayers, your will and your magic in the direction of progressiv change.

And pray that Americans turn out in record numbers to vote Barack Obama in as President with a unprecedented majority.

Please send this message or one like it to everyone you know.

Manifest Obama

OBAMA, yes we can!

Between now and November 4…
Let’s spend one minute a day…
Envisioning Barack Obama…
As our President…
Prepare your heart to fill with hope…
Prepare your mind to embrace the change…
Envision Barack victorious on election night……
Taking the oath of office…
On Inauguration Day…
Believe that this great moment in American history is already a reality…
Say the words to yourself…
To your family…
To your friends and neighbors…
Say it to the world…
Your vision is a sacred trust…
You are a sanctuary of a sacred vision for a renewed America…
Envision it…
Say it…
Feel it…
Believe it…
Make it our reality…
Manifest Obama, America!

Joe the Plumber

The real Joe the Plumber has nothing to do with Joe Wurzelbacher who debated with Obama.

According to Tony Herrera, of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 50 in
Toledo, Ohio, Mr Wurzelbacher cannot practise in Toledo without a licence –
although he can work for someone with a master’s licence or in outlying areas
that do not require a licence.
According to local court records, Mr Wurzelbacher also owes the state of Ohio $1,182.98 in personal income tax.

McCain, what’s the next trick?