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Kipper & Sybilla

Comparing the list of card names and numbering between Kipper and Sibilla Della Zingara (German version): they are basically the same. Comparing Sibilla Della Zingara with Vera Sibilla Italiana, you will discover the numbering is different but the connection between card inserts is still the same, so it is possible to match Kipper with card … Continue reading Kipper & Sybilla

Skat cartomancy

To research: a bridge to Leno, Kipper, Zigeuner, Sybilla? Clubs: Ace Neuigkeit, Geschenk news, gift King Arzt oder Beamter Doctor or Official Queen falsche Dame, böse Gesinnung false woman, evil alignment (way of thinking) Jack Glück, Botschaft luck, message 10 Reise, großes Haus, Krankenhaus travel, big (official) house,    hospital 9 güte Veränderung good change 8 Sorgen über … Continue reading Skat cartomancy

Sybilla & Tarot connection

Found some interesting research that enables me to make a connection between Tarot and Sybilla decks: The Sibilla, like the standard playing card deck, is divided into “quattro semi” (four suits): ♠ Picche, ♦ Quadri, ♥ Cuori, and ♣ Fiori.  Each suit is composed of 13 numbered cards.  The first 10 correspond to the standard playing card pips.  The final three of … Continue reading Sybilla & Tarot connection