This game reminds me of several topics I am interested in:

Shamanic journey
Oracles: Tarot, I Ching
Rules-lite storytelling games
Let me give it a try!
First take:
Trying to connect Major Arcana and Locations did not work for me.
Looking back, I realise the Major Arcana belong to the Paths, not to the Sephira!
Maybe I should connect the Minor Arcana to Locations!
Second take:
Made some index cards for Crew, Goal/Danger, Wraith.
Thinking of that other nice game: Under the Bed
I can connect Goal/Danger cards with Crew and/or Wraith!
Crew can basically roll 1 die, but if he uses his special skill (Goal/Danger) he might add another die.
DEMON crew, special skill Channel Ghostfield.
SPIDER wraith, special skill Catch.

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