Kipper & Sybilla

Comparing the list of card names and numbering between Kipper and Sibilla Della Zingara (German version): they are basically the same.
Comparing Sibilla Della Zingara with Vera Sibilla Italiana, you will discover the numbering is different but the connection between card inserts is still the same, so it is possible to match Kipper with card inserts!
You can even connect all these with Tarot!


  1. Hauptperson (männlicher Fragesteller oder Partner der Fragestellerin)
  2. Hauptperson (weibliche Fragestellerin oder Partnerin des Fragestellers)
  3. Ehestandskarte (Beziehungen, meist Liebe, manchmal auch Geschäftsbeziehungen)
  4. Zusammenkunft (Gespräche, Treffen, Familientreffen)
  5. Guter Herr (wohlwollender Mann, älterer Mann, Chef, Vater)
  6. Gute Dame (wohlwollende Dame, ältere Frau, Mutter, mütterliche Freundin)
  7. Angenehmer Brief (gute Nachrichten, etwas wendet sich zum Guten)
  8. Falsche Person (Unehrlichkeit, Schwierigkeiten, falsche Entscheidungen)
  9. Eine Veränderung (Neuanfang)
  10. Eine Reise (Veränderungen, ein Weg ist zu gehen, längerer Zeitfaktor)
  11. Viel Geld gewinnen (zu Geld kommen, auch durch Arbeit)
  12. Reiches Mädchen (Frau aus gutem Hause, Kind)
  13. Reicher guter Herr (Gönner, Liebhaber)
  14. Traurige Nachricht (Kummer, Sorgen, gehen meist rasch vorbei)
  15. Guter Ausgang in der Liebe (alles wird gut, Beziehung reift und heilt)
  16. Seine Gedanken (Emotionen, was geht in ihm vor, Denken anderer Personen)
  17. Geschenk bekommen (Freude, Lebensfreude, Überraschung, Kinder)
  18. Ein kleines Kind (Kind, das Ego, Neuanfang)
  19. Ein Todesfall (Neuanfang, Rückzug, ein neuer Weg)
  20. Haus (Zuhause, Privates, Geborgenheit, Stabilität, Sicherheit)
  21. Wohnzimmer (häusliche, sehr private Bereiche, engste Familie, kurzer Zeitfaktor)
  22. Militärperson (disziplinierter Mensch, auch trotzig, gradlinig)
  23. Gericht (Entscheidung wird abgenommen/gefällt, Wendepunkt, unausweichlich)
  24. Diebstahl (Verlust, Trauer, Defizit, Trennung)
  25. Zu hohen Ehren kommen (Anerkennung, Lob, etwas erreichen)
  26. Großes Glück (mildert schlechte Karten)
  27. Unverhofftes Geld (Gewinn, Erfüllung von Wünschen)
  28. Erwartung (Geduld, abwarten, Erwartungshaltung, Träume)
  29. Gefängnis (eingeengt sein, festhalten)
  30. Gerichtsperson (sehr energische, konsequente Person, Hilfe bei Entscheidungen)
  31. Kurze Krankheit (geht schnell vorbei, Problem wird gelöst)
  32. Kummer und Widerwärtigkeiten (Trauer, Sorge)
  33. Trübe Gedanken (Depressionen, kurze Sorge)
  34. Arbeit, Beschäftigung (Job, etwas tun müssen)
  35. Ein langer Weg (Zeit wird benötigt, entfernte Ziele)
  36. Die Hoffnung, großes Wasser (eine Reise, nicht aufgeben)

Sibilla Della Zingara

  1. Grossherr
  2. Ehefrau
  3. Hochzeit
  4. Versammlung
  5. Witwer
  6. Alte Dame
  7. Brief
  8. Falschheit
  9. Trost
  10. Reise
  11. Ueberraschung
  12. Juegendliche
  13. Goldmuenzen
  14. Melancholie
  15. Liebe
  16. Gedanke
  17. Geschenk
  18. Kind
  19. Tod
  20. Heim
  21. Zimmer
  22. Militaerperson
  23. Priester
  24. Dieb
  25. Gelehrter
  26. Gluck
  27. Kaufmann
  28. Warten
  29. Gefangnis
  30. Botschafter
  31. Doktor
  32. Kummer
  33. Verzweiflung
  34. Dienst
  35. Konstanz
  36. Hoffnung

Kipper reading for a friend: what’s going on around me?

Q: what’s going on around me?

thought 12-14-30:  rich girl-sad news-legal matters: a young lady had bad news about legal matters
situation: 6-8-21: good lady-false person-living room: an elder lady close by you  is manipulative
action:17-10-3: gift-journey-marriage:

past: 12-6-18: rich girl-good lady-gift: an younger and an elder lady used to support you
present: 14–8-10: sad news-false person-journey:  manipulative communication causes you to leave
future: 30-21-3 legal matters-living room-marriage: expect to be closesly involved with legal matters concerning a contract
summation: 6 good lady-14 sad news-21 living room-10 journey: an elder lady passes on gossip in your neighbourhood concerning your departure.

Gypsy cards: my path after pension

reading: lover-merryment–unexpected joy-thought-desire

I preselected the Lover card and only picked 3 cards but then choose another card to see where your Thoughts were going. Merriment can show that you will have a great time, spending time with friends and enjoying company. I will make you happy (Unexpected Joy) and I am wondering if the combo Unexpected Joy and Thoughts can mean that you will have some surprising thoughts (brainstorming, light going on in the brain – een lichtje gaat aan) of what you really want to do (Desire)

Kipper daily reading

7 message-27 unexpected income-34 occupation-20 judication-30home
it looks like you’ll have a surprise in its way today. When I look at this I see it might be something you were not looking forward to doing. I have the feeling it will be postponed for a while. It seems to be to your satisfaction though.
I also feel this is from the people above.
Anyhow! A good day with a relief surprise
When I see this I think of performance or project reports. 
What happened in reality? I went to the barber, several bookshops and did some unwelcome chores at home.
Actually I was involved with a project some time ago but I quit because the conditions not safe enough in the context of covid.
Maybe I will reconnect with that project later next year, maybe I have to find another project with another group.
second opinion:
Somehow, I find 5 cards for a daily reading too many cards and the “cut the deck” method is much reliable- short & sweet. Beside it is a good practice to include it in your extend it readings with all your divination cards.
I can tell first hand this method is probably at least 150 years old.
Beside your interpretation I get another layer of info that is not a mundane activity but more a subject that is very much in the querent`s mind.
There are 2 time cards that shows a permanent development will take place in the next aprox. 2 weeks related to work place and documentations will be processed with legal discussion, advise & expertise.
The change will be permanent and affect the personal situation of the querent.
7+20= documents that have a personal character,
7+27= a contract probably and chained with 34= a work contract and money that have been worked hard for,
the 27+30= unexpected legal talks and advice, etc.
You chain the cards in line and also mirroring them. What does contain the documents?
7+34+20= a work contract that is very personal and affect the private area.
What more? The documents are also about hard earned money:7+27. etc.
The time cards are: 27 & 20.

I am preparing for my pension, will have to arrange all relevant documents and cleanup my workspace.
Some legal talks & documentation might be expected to finish this job properly.

Kipper reading for a friend: how someone feels about me?

Q: how someone feels about me?

A: Journey-community-letter-message-change-mature woman
Reading from left to right: (he) travels to other communities and will send a message that causes change in the mature woman.
it seems he is still thinking of you from afar, keeping at a distance, but he sends his thoughts towards you

Kipper reading for a friend :’How can or will I improve my understanding of the use of Kipper Cards?’

Q ‘How can or will I improve my understanding of the use of Kipper Cards?’

The central person is looking right, so the reading goes from left to right

on your mind: 26-35-25: big luck-long road-high honor: having idealistic thoughts on lasting results
situation: 36-2-22: hope-main female-military: disillusioned, having to confront harsh reality
action: 17-6-5: gift-good lady-good lord: offering to the Shining Ones

past: 26-26-17: big luck-hope-gift: a recent serendipity gave you hope for getting teachings
present: 35-2-6:long road-main female-good lady: it takes a while before the Muze comes
future: 25-22-5: high honor-military-good lord: your struggle will be rewarded by the High One

summary: 36-2-22-6: hope-long road-military-good lady: your hopes will be tested for a long time, but if you stand strong the Muze will come!

Lenormand: reading for a friend without questions

For this reading I looked at the direction of the gaze of the central person, she is looking left, so the reading goes from right to left:
27-20-6: thoughts: letter-garden-cloud: a message that will lead to a meeting to clear up confusions
17-29-32: situation: stork-lady-moon: a new beginning gives emotional impact
15-22-21: actions: bear-crossroad-mountain: after a empowering confrontation, still in process to become ready for the next challenge

27-17-15; past; letter-stork-bear: the planned message caused a new empowering confontation
20-29-22: present: garden-lady-crossroad: the planned meeting is lieading to new pathways
6-32-21: furture: cloud-moon-mountain: after clearing up confusiions, there is still some emothonal impact that has to be cleared.

17-29-17-22: summary: moon-garden-stork-crossroad: the emotional meeting creates new pathways.

Gypsy: what about second wave COVID in the Netherlands?

The soothsayer said…

The left 7 cards represent what has happened until now and the right 7 cards represent what will happen between now and the end of 2020.
Definitely struggled with this one since it is ‘medical’ but here we go: a man (Lover) with authority or in an official capacity (Officer) played by the rules/set the rules (Officer, can also be a medical professional) that declared COVID a big problem/problem on a large scale/state of emergency (Misfortune). The advice was given (Ecclesiastic) to stay home (House) and to stay around only your family members (House). This did not prevent people from dying (Death) …no idea what the Sweetheart would show here?
In the next few months there will still be a loss (or illness disappears?), people will be cared for (Widow), there will be a recovery (Journey), COVID will still be chronic (sadness) but there will be a positive upturn (gift) maybe due to a treatment (Marriage) that gives small improvements (some money)

My reading of the combos:
Lover-Officer: charming Rutte and stern Grapperhaus, played at good cop- bad cop in the media coverage on COVID restrictions
Officer-Disaster: at first, a strict lockdown caused economic disaster
Misfortune-Ecclesiastic: as a consequence of COVID, the Prime Minister became the leading consigiliere
Ecclesiastic-House: The consigliere dominated the House of Representatives.
Death-Sweetheart: Death came for many beloved ones
Sweetheart-Loss: Intimacy is lessened (because of strict rules on social distancing)
Loss-Widow: losses are to be mourned
Widow-Travel: Widows will follow the hearse
Travel-Sadness: The passing away (of people) causes sadness
Sadness-Gift: The sadness will be soothed by a gift (vaccin?)
Gift-Marriage: The vaccin will work on COVID
Marriage-Some Money: A new hope arises, tentatively


Kipper decision reading for a friend

Q: I think about quitting.. Should I ? Or Should I not?

A: reading from left to right..
Quitting: 22-13-32-28, confronting strict rules, shady business, reflecting on your worries
Staying: 36-7-11-14, hoping for good communications, receiving a profitable offer, but the promised luck is canceled

If you quit, you will reflect on you confrontation with the strict rules that caused you stress.
If you stay, your hope for good communications because of the profitable offer you received, will be proved false in the end.