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Zinnig Wandelen in Amsterdam Noord

‘We ontdekken de mooiste plekjes van Amsterdam Noord (en omgeving) tijdens deze meditatieve wandelingen. We overdenken een thema dat past bij het seizoen, van loslaten tot in bloei komen’

zie: Stiltewandelingen

Aansluitend op deze publicatie van Zinnig Noord, brainstorm ik opnieuw over Zinnig Wandelen.

Ik onderzoek de manier waarop wandelen heilzaam kan zijn voor lichaam en geest.
Zomaar wat zegswijzen die ik tegenkom:
‘Even wandelen, de benen strekken, het hoofd leegmaken’
Als ik echt in volle bewustzijn kan wandelen, dan kan ik mijn eigen lijf en tevens mijn omgeving goed ervaren, mijn relatie met mezelf en mijn omgeving verbeteren.
Als ik dit ook met anderen in dezelfde intentie kan doen, versterken we elkaars aandacht en aanwezigheid!

zie: Wandelen in schoonheid

In neopaganistische kringen is het vrij gebruikelijk om de seizoensrituelen te vieren:

De Lente-equinox (omstreeks 21 maart)
Equinox: de dag is net zo lang als de nacht.
Lente: Vanaf dit punt worden de dagen langer dan de nachten
We vieren de definitieve doorbraak van het licht.
Thema: nieuwe bloei van het leven.

De Zomerzonnewende (omstreeks 21 juni)
De zon staat op het hoogste punt, dit is de langste dag, de warmste periode, maar hierna gaat het zonlicht weer afnemen.
We vieren het hoogtepunt van het licht.

De Herfstequinox (omstreeks 21 september)
Equinox: de dag is net zo lang als de nacht.
Herfst: Vanaf dit punt worden de nachten langer dan de dagen.
We vieren het afscheid van het licht.
Thema: oogsten, loslaten.

De Winterzonnewende (omstreeks 21 december)
De zon staat op haar laagste punt, dit is de langste nacht, de koudste periode, maar hierna gaat het zonlicht weer toenemen.
We vieren de wedergeboorte van het licht.
Thema: nieuwe hoop

Zie: Seizoensfeesten

Ter overweging:
De gangbare neopaganistische seizoensfeesten zijn gebaseerd op het klimaat van Westelijk halfrond, verder is het een mix van oude volksgebruiken en nieuwe reconstructies van geidealiseerd voorchristelijke heidendom.

In mijn visie is een seizoenswandeling een beleving van het seizoen, los van dogmatiek maar met erkenning van bestaande oude en nieuwe tradities

Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 4

In the aforementioned grand tableau, we still have to look at matters of the heart.
A♥ is quite far from the significator in the past!
Let’s look at the influences surrounding A♥
4-A♥: internal, the material foundation was good
A♥-2: external, the good energy resulted in a balanced exchange

Already mentioned…the position of Q♥:
3-Q♥-6♦: to harvest financial results, the Lady has to travel a lot.


ping: Grand Tableau yule 2020 – Dreamquest

Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 3

As shown in previous article, the querent will face challenges: much work for small profit.
Let’s look at these immediate influences around money:
Q ♥ is directly above A♦ interesting…
Looking at the box around Q ♥….
10♥-8♥-7♥: energy is diminishing
3-Q♥-6♦: to harvest financial results, the Lady has to travel a lot.
2♣-A♦-7♠: some financial help to be expected but also many expenses.

ping: Grand Tableau yule 2020 – Dreamquest

Grand Tableau yule 2020 – part 2

As visible in previous article, on the vertical axis external-internal influences, the querent is subject to external influences (the cards above the significator), and has no internal influence at all (no cards below the significator): it seems that the querent experiences forces that are out of his control.

Let’s look more into the horizontal axis past-present
Past (left side of the significator): 2♦-6♣-6♥-10♠-Q♣:
A new situation develops at work and in private, Santa Muerte enters the field.
Future (right side of the significator): A♠-K♣-5♣-2♣-A♦-7♠-6♠
The scythe signals the time of harvesting, much work for small profit, many worries, a path of thorns.

2♠ is a fitting summary of this reading: a duel, a rift, a breaking with the past.

Ping: Grand Tableau yule 2020 – Dreamquest

Grand Tableau yule 2020

For this grand tableau I use the card meanings of hedgewitchery cartomancy and the Coven of Cards combined with  some methods of the new world witchery guide to cartomancy

I put the Joker as my significator in the complete deck and played the tableau in 4×13, leaving the last card out as a overall oracle for this spread.

To keep the first reading simple, I will focus on the significator and the nearest cards, later on I will expand on other significant cards.

First impression, Significator 00 is nearby the middle of the bottom row where A♠ stands at the center.
The significator is surrounded by challenging black cards!
The oracle is overall summarised by the last card 2♠, crossing swords, a duel!

A♣-Q♠-9♣: Beginning to work with the Dark Lady will change my way of Working.
Q♣-00-A♠:  The Reaping Wife gives the querent the blade to work with.

Looking at the vertical influences on the Significator:
8♠-4♠-1♠-00-2♠: Challenging meditations during lockdown will connect the Dark Lady with the Querent, who will have to confront the Guardian on the threshold.



The Coven of Cards: doing magick with playing cards

Another discovery on the web: doing magick with playing cards; i copy/paste most of it and made some adaptations

I establish a space that can remain up for at least a lunar month, and dress it with a red cloth upon which I place a votive candle on the South side, a small incense dish on the East side, and a dish of water with a sprig of rue on the West side. 
I remove all the courts from a deck of playing cards, and lay them out on the cloth in a ring, in the following order:

1 – K ♠, The Magister, in the North
2 – Q ♦, The May Queen, in the South
3 – K ♣, The Harvest King, in the West
4 – Q ♥, The Seeress, in the East
5 – K ♦, the Devouring Sun, in the Southwest
6 – Q ♠, Dame Fate, in the Northeast
7 – K♥, the Red Lord, in the Southeast
8 – Q ♣, The Reaping Wife, in the Northwest
9 – J ♦, The Dancer, between Dame Fate and The Seeress
10 – J ♠, The Man in Black, between The Devouring Sun and The Harvest King
11 – J ♥, The Merry Men, between The Red Lord and The May Queen
12 – J ♣, The Kern Baby, between The Reaping Wife and the Magister

Then, I choose three cards to represent what I Will to Be, and set them under the Joker, in the center. 
Doing this represents the mastery of witchcraft over circumstance. I light the candle in its holder and the incense in its dish. 
I take three pinches of salt, cast them into the dish of water, and proceed to conjure a small circle around the coven of cards with my right hand, asperging the circle with the sprig of rue and censing it with the incense. 
After the circle is made, I sprinkle and cense each of the Coven cards.
Then I take up the Joker and the cards beneath it and lay all but the Joker out in a line in the center, naming each of the three cards as I set it down.   

I point to each of the three cards with my right forefinger, touching the card as I state my intention. 

… (lay cards down) 1-2-3
…state intention 1-2-3, connecting the cards as in a storyline/sentence
…”And…(scoop up the cards in the sequence 3-2-1 with Joker on top of all)
…”by the power of witchery” (kiss the Joker)
…“it is mine, here and now.”  (Knock three times with my knuckles of my right hand  to the north of my stack)
…“So mote it be.”

Then I set the stack of cards in the center of the circle, set my Athame in the North, pointing at the stack of cards, and leave the assembly to keep going on its own.
Knocking three times draws the attention of the spirits I work with, so that They take note of what I’m saying and do Their part.
The Athame pointing to the stack reinforces my will working on the intention in the stack of cards.
The Coven of Cards will continue to work on the spell, keeping a current of energy going just like a battery, with the red and black acting as positive and negative poles.
I restate the spell every morning when I first wake, and every evening right before I retire.
I don’t repeat the circle casting, or the censing and asperging again, but in the mornings I do light a candle and some incense.
I leave the spell going until I see definite results or until a lunar cycle has completed, whichever comes first.
I keep a couple of decks of playing cards set aside for this kind of work.
One deck to take the Coven from, and a second deck because I often need a court card to represent the person I’m working for.
When I dismantle the spell, I put the three cards back in the deck they came from, then give offerings and thanks to the Coven of Cards before dispersing them back in their deck.

Source: The Coven of Cards | The used key is always bright

Cartomancy For the Witch of Poor Memory

Considering I have trouble with memorizing large lists, I am really fond of poetic memory-aides!
Here comes something I found on the web, inspired by new world witchery

The firstmost rule is easily had:
Red cards are good and black cards are bad.  

The secondmost rule shall bring greater fruits:
It deals with the meanings of each of the suits.
The Hearts count as love, family, and friends.
Diamonds are money, wealth, means, and ends.
Clubs shall mean work, callings, and plans,
And Spades are the troubles that plague every man.  

The thirdmost rule toward number inclines;
Just note the card’s pip and read here their signs:  
An Ace brings beginnings,
And Two gives exchange,
Three shows things growing,
But Four does not change.
Five is the body, Its health and its stead,
Six shows a path
That the Seeker shall tread. 
Seven brings troubles That Fate has assigned,
While Eight shows ideas And thoughts in the mind.
Nine heralds changes,
And Ten is the end,
While Kings are the symbols Of power and men.
Queens are the emblems Of women and truth,
A Knave is a message, A girl, or a youth. 

source: Wise & Subtle Arts of Cartomancy

Beltane 2016

Dit jaar kwam  de neopaganistische variant van het beltane-thema duidelijk op mijn pad: het vieren van het begin van de zomer, de vereniging van mannelijke en vrouwelijke energie.

Het begon met het oefenen van een  neo-tantra inwijding, waarbij dit thema aan bod kwam.

Persoonlijk beschouw ik dit soort oefeningen als een sacraal ritueel, waarbij de nodige zorgvuldigheid en integriteit verwacht wordt van alle deelnemers.
Ik zie onder ogen mijn eigen onzekerheden, blokkades, projecties.

Een paar dagen later deed ik mee aan een beltane-ritueel..

Het begon vrij standaard: het trekken van de cirkel, aanroepen van de kwartieren en bijbehorende helpers en beschermers, oprichten van de meiboom…
Een nieuwe toevoeging was het ritueel waarin de God en de Godin elkaar tegenkwamen: de saters renden achter de nymphen aan, daarna konden ze samen over het vuur springen.
Het was voor mij een bijzondere ervaring om dit thema uit te spelen, het wakkerde mijn levensvuur aan, om als sater te gaan jagen op een willige nymph.

Ook dit ritueel neem ik serieus, het is niet zomaar een spel. Ook hierbij kom ik vergelijkbare onzekerheden en blokkades tegen als in de neo-tantra.
Aan het einde van deze bijeenkomst vond ik het wel passen om wat mede te offeren aan Oude Eenoog en Genius Loci.

Terugkijkend, ervaar ik deze rituelen niet alleen maar als een feestje, maar ook hard werk op de momenten dat ik mezelf als kanaal aanbied aan de spirit van deze periode.

Ik ben dankbaar voor mijn oefenpartners van deze momenten:
Wat van jou is geef ik terug aan jou, wat van mij is neem ik weer mee voor mezelf.
Wat van harte gegeven is en ontvangen, is in vrije wil zonder enige verplichting gedaan.
Merry Meet, merry part, and merry meet again!


Witches for Obama

A call to spellcraft, found in my mailbox:

65 years ago in the skies above England, pilots fought the Nazis in the Battle of Britain.

Legend has it that witches all over the land held rituals during those days and nights willing victory, willing the aggressors to fail or go home.

The same thing should be happening tonight and tomorrow, everywhere. Witches
should singularly and in their covens, be creating sacred space an doing powerful rituals to support the Battle of America.

People of other faiths should be praying in their own way and in their own traditions.

Call for a new wind, for a new time.

Call for a new change and a new direction. 
What happens in America tomorrow will impact everyone all over the world.

So no matter where you are, I humbly ask that each of you in your own tradition, turn your prayers, your will and your magic in the direction of progressiv change.

And pray that Americans turn out in record numbers to vote Barack Obama in as President with a unprecedented majority.

Please send this message or one like it to everyone you know.

Arie & Dragons

Arie says:

Somehow I felt that the international healing magick should be done with
the aid of Dragons.

Wikipedia says:

The origin of Chinese dragon is not certain, but many scholars agree that
it originated from totems of different tribes in China .

Chinese dragons are strongly associated with water in popular belief.
They are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as
waterfalls, rivers, or seas.

At the end of his reign, the first legendary Emperor Huang Di was
said to have been immortalized into a dragon that resembled his emblem, and
ascended to Heaven. Since the Chinese consider Huang Di as their ancestor, they
sometimes refer to themselves as “the descendants of the dragon”. This legend
also contributed towards the use of the Chinese dragon as a symbol of imperial power.

The four Dragon Kings (龍王; pinyin: Lóng Wáng) are, in Chinese mythology, the divine rulers of the four seas (each sea corresponds to one of the cardinal directions)

Connecting with the Dragon Kings means connecting with elementary powers.
Proceed with caution!