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Swap reading playing cards 08 – Dreamquest

“What do I need to do to make my online Challenge in August successful for my business?”

A: (using hedgewitchery system):

J♣ – K♦ – J♥: servitor-merchant-postillon

First impression:
On black card, two red cards: some effort is needed to be succesful.
The King is flanked by two Messengers/Guardians, he needs them to succeed.

You need to connect with your helpers and/or colleagues to get useful feedback for success.
Alongside the mundane help,
I would suggest to put some effort to petition your guardian angels/spirit-helpers.

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Swap reading playing cards 07


what is my best vacation destination this summer?


The question has something to do with a VACATION PACKAGE.

Lenormand: lady sig / garden / clouds/ pair ( moon / fox ) …

The Travel Agency may have to inform THOSE WHO BOOKED for a particular destination about some ‘heartbreaking news’
… anyone have seen lawsuits having to do with VEHICLE SAFETY ?! —
Legally I can’t tell anyone which Manufacturer had to recall some of their fleet… so keep in mind.✈️

Swap reading playing cards 04

How can I align myself with my mission in this life?

Aligning yourself to you mission in life will take maintaining a strong spirit of discernment when opportunities present themselves to be explored.
Make a commitment to measure your successes in increments rather than on the completion of each project.
In moments of agitation hold the belief that your mission in life is of value not only to yourself but others.
Be vigilant that no one else can claim the credit for your life work.
And lastly remind yourself daily that second best is not an option.

Below are the meanings from Aunty Flo:
Be careful when making changes to your plans or mode of life
Success but it will need care to secure it
Relationship problems, arguments, separation Introverted, self-contained, spiteful and prying
Achievement, wealthy marriage or sudden windfall

Swap reading playing cards 03

“What is the best way to share my skills and knowledge”


2D, 3C, 1S, 6C, 10H

The cards show me you are aware and have ideas on how to bring in money (2D)
however you are doubting or having different opinions (3C) on this idea.
Could it be that the place/building (1S) where you want to share your skills and knowledge is not idea for you just now?
By you, just giving your time, you will receive gifts/enjoyment (6C) for sharing your skills and knowledge now,
and in doing this you will be settled and it will lead to a happy future (10H) for you.

Swap reading playing cards 01


“What positive gains will I make in my new business coaching program?”

A: (using hedgewitchery system)

K♠ Q♣ A♠: magister-reaping wife-decision

first impressions:
three black cards showing challenges up front
two court cards, the challenges are being personified by the teachers

Interpretation: “what does not kill you will make you stronger” , the teachers and teachings are challenging you to carve your own path.

Tarot makeover 02: swap reading

Q: How do I connect with my spirit-helper in a good way?

Q ♠, 6 ♠, HANGED MAN.
Go for a walk, go outdoor to clear your mind and step out for a moment from your busy life.
Walk with nothing precise in your head.
Just the intention to connect more with your spirit helpers.
Then after a while see what pops in your mind. Is it something that’s bothering, something you’re happy about.
Consider these “thoughts” and see if it’s something you have to solve or pursue…
Meditation (hanged man) is a very good option.
In this case maybe active meditation.

Don’t :
5 ♠ C ♠ of swords, STRENGTH.
Don’t be too pushy on yourself. (Treat yourself kindly.)
It’s seems that you have a high level of expectations, which is not a bad thing as long as you’re not putting yourself down everytime you don’t reach your goal.
So don’t rush on what’s bad or what you see as “mean”, you’re a human with Qualities and faults, accept that it will help you to shortened the distance between you and your spiritual helpers.

Feedback on reading:
The DO aligns with the path I am already take: active meditation (tai ji/qi gong).
The DO’nts are really a good warning, I have the tendency to keep high standards for my self and others.

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Tarot makeover 01: swap reading an unknown client


How can I get all the things I need to get done this week, without losing my temper with my family? 

A: (using hedgewitchery)
-Page ♦: bringer of news
-Six ♠: ferryman
-Knight ♠: man in black

Try another strategy: take a break, step away from all this chaos; if you allow yourself to ask for help, it will be given.