Card of the day 28 may 2020

What wil I do today?
Answer: in quarantaine, bookkeeping, feeling grumpy…
Other responsesKnowledgeable perspective that strengthens you. from social media:

Figuring out finances for your company

Eat read sleep repeat

Discover a new recipe

Big revelations in isolation

Knowledgeable perspective that strengthens you

hmmm….many interpretations, many Lenormand variations 🙂

Card of the day 27 may 2020

What will happen today?
First impression: meeting-grounding-manifesting
The Voice: “the conference will lay the groundwork for reorganisation”

What did really happen today?

At home, enjoying my garden, having a good rest, looking at the birds.
This place is my grounding, my anchor…the perfect base to rest before the next Journey.

Card of the day 26 may 2020

What will happen today?
First impression..
“after closure getting news of a fresh beginning ..”

Looking back, it is quite easy to make a connection of the oracle with the daily news on the job: Our department will have another reorganisation, meanwhile our director will have his pension.

Looking backwards, it is easy to make the oracle fitting into what happened in the past. The wording of the oracle was vague enough.

To really expand the predictive worth of the oracle, I have to state exacting questions!

“What is closing? What’s beginning?