Qigong (ch’i kung): energetische oefeningen

Qigong is in de loop van de jaren onderdeel van mijn dagelijkse leven geworden: zitten, lopen, staan, werken, ontspannen. De basis-principes zijn buiten de lessen ook toepasbaar in de dagelijkse routines.

Qi” betekent adem, energie.
Gong” betekent werk, oefening. Vrij vertaald betekent “Qigong”: energetische oefeningen. 

Er zijn diverse stromingen op het gebied van Qigong:
Sommigen leggen de nadruk op de meditatie-technieken, anderen leggen de nadruk op het gezondheid, en weer anderen leggen de nadruk op  weerbaarheid.

Ikzelf benader de Qigong vanuit de nadruk op de bevordering van fysieke en geestelijke energie in het dagelijkse leven.
Hierbij maak ik gebruik van basistechnieken uit de Taijiquan (T’ai chi vuist) en Witte Kraanvogel Qigong.


Santa Muerte enters the field – 02


take action while constantly bearing the past in the mind, without being afraid of having to change your ideas, even drastically

For me it is important to honour the accomplishments and the knowledge of the past  (my ancestors and my own experience) without getting stuck in outdated practice.

Recently I have been reviewing my methods of cartomancy, looking at accumulated results of study.

I have learned many things from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the underlying Golden Dawn system, but the qabbalistic doctrine felt too dogmatic and constricting for me.

Just look at 10 pentacles in the RWS system:
The qabbalistic tree imagery influences the  intrepretation of this card.

compare this with the 10 diamonds in standard (French style) playing cards:

There are no distracting  occult symbols in the standard playing cards…now I take up the challenge to see this card with a fresh outlook…it feels like refurbishing an empty room with my own stuff.

Considering the pips are numbered 1-10, the highest number is 10…this is an ending/completion of a cycle.
Diamonds were originally coins, money.

My intrepretation would be:  a maximum amount of money/finances.
On the positive side: a treasure, jackpot.
On the negative side: extreme wealth will attract thieves and other predators.

Comparing the intrepretation of this playing card with the Oracle card  31-Celebration:
The inheritance of knowledge, skills, finances, all those things that were passed down by the ancestors should be applied in a sensible way.
Finding a balance between hoarding and over-indulging, between keeping the secret knowledge and throwing pearls to swine, between rote repeating the past methods and disregarding everything.

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Santa Muerte enters the field – 01

First new moon 2021 january, confronting the difficult beginning of this year:
still in lockdown, facing the siege of the capitol, a world going mad!
I have committed myself to working with the Grim Reaper for a month, proceeding carefully…her presence has been haunting me since my childhood when my grandfather died.
After reading the Masque of the Red Death, I became confinced that Death was a Lady wearing a red dress.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered Santa Muerte in Red!
Where to begin? There are several groups and documents online and offline, but for now I will start with the visual meditations.

  • Wellcome the Santa Muerte Oracle deck from Fabio Listrani!
  • Light a candle
  • Offer tobacco

Unboxing: Opening the booklet, looking at the cards…

I will start with the last card: Santa Muerte
the oracle says:
“…this card invite us to accept any change, transformation or drastic severing of perspective with a smile”…”make a firm decision on what to cut and what to change in your life”

My response: OUCH! this is a real challenge, to cope wtih the current pandemic and political upheaval in the world!

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Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 5

It seems to me this Grand Tableau shows us much more than just a individual fate, it looks like a global warning of the Dark Times to come.!

Significator 00 is nearby the middle of the bottom row where A♠ stands at the center.
The significator is surrounded by challenging black cards!
The oracle is overall summarised by the last card 2♠, crossing swords, a duel!
A♣-Q♠-9♣: Beginning to work with the Dark Lady will change my way of Working.
Q♣-00-A♠:  The Reaping Wife gives the querent the blade to work with.

Looking at the vertical influences on the Significator:

8♠-4♠-1♠-00-2♠: Challenging meditations during lockdown will connect the Dark Lady with the Querent, who will have to confront the Guardian on the threshold.

Past (left side of the significator): 2♦-6♣-6♥-10♠-Q♣:
A new situation develops at work and in private, Santa Muerte enters the field.
Future (right side of the significator): A♠-K♣-5♣-2♣-A♦-7♠-6♠
The scythe signals the time of harvesting, much work for small profit, many worries, a path of thorns.

2♠ is a fitting summary of this reading: a duel, a rift, a breaking with the past.

From the very beginning this Grand Tableau heralded strong visions…

Santa Muerte 
enters the field
to harvest
our souls

Yule 2020 showed us the Star of Bethlehem again, Epiphany 2021 heralded a state of chaos…

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Vragen over onderzoek nieuw COVID-19 vaccin – UMC Utrecht

Dit onderzoek zit al in de laatste fase….

In deze fase van het onderzoek wordt – bij gezonde vrijwilligers – de veiligheid, het optreden van bijwerkingen en de mate van bescherming van het experimentele vaccin vastgesteld.

de volgende vragen over risico’s dienen zich aan voor degene die zich wil aanmelden:

  • ‘gezonde vrijwilligers’ : in hoeverre is er  onderzoek bij mensen die een onderliggende aandoening hebben (astma, diabetes)?
  • in hoeverre wordt gelet op representatieve steekproef (etniciteit, gender)?
  • hoeveel en hoe lang is de nazorg voor de deelnemers?
  • hoe zit het met de aansprakelijkheid van de onderzoekers als een deelnemer ernstig ziek wordt tijdens of na onderzoek?
  • in hoeverre is deelname aan onderzoek te combineren met aanstaande inenting tegen covid?


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Cartomancy with playing cards as a memory palace

Down the rabbit hole: confusing traditions of cartomancy
When I started my study of cartomancy, I became confused by the many divergent ‘traditions’ of reading the cards: the mainstream English, French, German, Italian… Golden Dawn (and offshoots Crowley, Waite), Eteilla…’hereditary’ (‘passed on by unnamed ancestors’) systems…idiosyncratic (‘channeled’) systems…etc.

Detour: Short history of fortune telling with playing cards
Beginning with chinese playing cards: dominoes with two suits => money suited cards with four suits => the fourth suits added water margin pictures => four colour suits with seven chessmen ‘court’ each.
From china via the Arabs came the Mamluk cards in Europe:
52 cards comprising four suits: polo-sticks, coins, swords, and cups.
Each suit contained ten pip cards and three court cards.
The Trumps as we now in Tarot are a later addition…let’s not go in that rabbit hole for now!
Cartomancy with playing cards have their roots in domino fortune telling, gaming and Fortunetelling have been going together since ancient times!
While some people believe that the ancient put secret message in the system of cards/dominoes, I am not so convinced…maybe it is a matter of faith.

Back on track:
One of the spiritual teachers I met, once said: ‘you have to make your own (spiritual) framework’
After working with cartomancy since 1980, I am still learning how to create my own way of cartomancy, making my own framework.
Memorising lists of card meanings does not work for me, there are so many conflicting lists of meanings, and even if some lists do agree on a meaning, these often still feel as just a meaning for that specific tradition, not for me.
Qabbalistic cartomancy (as being done since Eliphas Levi) is a good framework, but I feel not comfortable enough with the Judeo-Christian framework and worldview to work with this.

Using memory palace as framework for cartomancy:
‘Who cares for you? You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’ (Lewis Caroll)
In my opinion, there are no secret codes hidden in the cards.
Obviously there is the structure of four suits, ten pips and three courtiers each, so this is the existing framework.
But considering the divergent ‘traditions’ what a specific card might mean, I have to make my own decisions how to work with this framework.
So now I use the structure of a pack of cards as if it were a memory palace:
‘In this technique the subject memorizes the layout of some building, or the arrangement of shops on a street, or any geographical entity which is composed of a number of discrete loci. When desiring to remember a set of items the subject ‘walks’ through these loci in their imagination and commits an item to each one by forming an image between the item and any feature of that locus. Retrieval of items is achieved by ‘walking’ through the loci, allowing the latter to activate the desired items’
In other words: the structure of a pack of cards is based on the structure of a map.
Each card is a location on the map.
The map is organised logically:
On the vertical axis the suits club-heart-spade-diamond
On the horizontal axis the numbers: 1-10 (the pips) 11-12-13 (the court: jack-queen-king)
I memorize a ‘meaning’ (concept, symbol, whatever) with a specific card, using the hedge witchery system.
Other systems like the Magi Method , New World Hedgewitchery cartomancy, Ana Cortez Picturebook might also work with this framework.

Now comes the interesting part: everybody can use the same map to fill a location with a different ‘meaning’!
This is my explanation for the diverging ‘traditions’ on cartomancy: different regions/clans/families use the same map to fill a location with their own variation of meanings (there is some heated debate how to connect the four classic ‘elements’ with the four suits : swords/spades might be air or fire depending on ‘tradition’).
The imagery of a certain location might influence the imagination in a certain direction, therefore some consensus of ‘meaning’ might occur (cups/heart-love, coin/diamond-money).

Considering each card is a part of the map, after assigned meaning(s) to a card will still be connected with the card after I pull the map apart in 52 parts and start shuffling the deck!

Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 4

In the aforementioned grand tableau, we still have to look at matters of the heart.
A♥ is quite far from the significator in the past!
Let’s look at the influences surrounding A♥
4-A♥: internal, the material foundation was good
A♥-2: external, the good energy resulted in a balanced exchange

Already mentioned…the position of Q♥:
3-Q♥-6♦: to harvest financial results, the Lady has to travel a lot.


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Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 3

As shown in previous article, the querent will face challenges: much work for small profit.
Let’s look at these immediate influences around money:
Q ♥ is directly above A♦ interesting…
Looking at the box around Q ♥….
10♥-8♥-7♥: energy is diminishing
3-Q♥-6♦: to harvest financial results, the Lady has to travel a lot.
2♣-A♦-7♠: some financial help to be expected but also many expenses.

ping: Grand Tableau yule 2020 – Dreamquest

Grand Tableau yule 2020 – part 2

As visible in previous article, on the vertical axis external-internal influences, the querent is subject to external influences (the cards above the significator), and has no internal influence at all (no cards below the significator): it seems that the querent experiences forces that are out of his control.

Let’s look more into the horizontal axis past-present
Past (left side of the significator): 2♦-6♣-6♥-10♠-Q♣:
A new situation develops at work and in private, Santa Muerte enters the field.
Future (right side of the significator): A♠-K♣-5♣-2♣-A♦-7♠-6♠
The scythe signals the time of harvesting, much work for small profit, many worries, a path of thorns.

2♠ is a fitting summary of this reading: a duel, a rift, a breaking with the past.

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