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Asking the gypsy cards: how will job hunting go

Q: I’d like to know how Job hunting will go. A: center-focus card for job hunting: travelabove-thought: hoping for a good arrivalbelow-undercurrent: jealousy left-behind-uncounscious influences: judgementright-front-conscious act: letter interpretation:  you are already taking a lot of action for job-hunting, every time hoping for a good result, but being disappointed because somebody else was chosen. unconsciously your … Continue reading Asking the gypsy cards: how will job hunting go

Gypsy cards: my path after pension

reading: lover-merryment--unexpected joy-thought-desire I preselected the Lover card and only picked 3 cards but then choose another card to see where your Thoughts were going. Merriment can show that you will have a great time, spending time with friends and enjoying company. I will make you happy (Unexpected Joy) and I am wondering if the … Continue reading Gypsy cards: my path after pension

Gypsy: what about second wave COVID in the Netherlands?

The soothsayer said... The left 7 cards represent what has happened until now and the right 7 cards represent what will happen between now and the end of 2020. Definitely struggled with this one since it is ‘medical’ but here we go: a man (Lover) with authority or in an official capacity (Officer) played by … Continue reading Gypsy: what about second wave COVID in the Netherlands?

Skat cartomancy

To research: a bridge to Leno, Kipper, Zigeuner, Sybilla? Clubs: Ace Neuigkeit, Geschenk news, gift King Arzt oder Beamter Doctor or Official Queen falsche Dame, böse Gesinnung false woman, evil alignment (way of thinking) Jack Glück, Botschaft luck, message 10 Reise, großes Haus, Krankenhaus travel, big (official) house,    hospital 9 güte Veränderung good change 8 Sorgen über … Continue reading Skat cartomancy

Interview with a new oracle deck: Zigeuner Wahrsage Karten

1. Please tell something about yourself Ecclesiastic-connection to the other world 2. What is your most important character trait? Widow-mature 3. Your strengths as a deck of cards Some money-taciturn 4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards Falseness-harsh 5. What is the best way to work with you? Visit-connect regularly 6. The result of … Continue reading Interview with a new oracle deck: Zigeuner Wahrsage Karten

Learning Cartomancy

Note to self to remember Tips for Reading Cards Look at Predominant Suit Predominant Hearts - concern is emotional Predominant Diamonds - concern is material Predominant Clubs - concern is for achievement and recognition Predominant Spades - concern is antagonistic or for power without responsibility If the reading does not require a Significator card, make … Continue reading Learning Cartomancy

Gypsy card reading just after new moon

I like to share a reading I received last weekend. The reader was a gypsy medium I met at a New Age fair. Warning: this was an intuitive reading, more like a storytelling path working, not using any known 'traditional' method and/or spread. Main theme: GIFT & HOPE making a hopeful transit.... DEATH ending current … Continue reading Gypsy card reading just after new moon


Onlangs herlas ik Pullman's trilogie: His Dark Materials, en meteen werd ik weer gegrepen door Het Gouden Kompas, de Alethiometer. Zesendertig symbolen in een kring rondom een kompas, als medium tot waarheidsvinding! De Egyptenaren deelden de hemel in in 36 Decanen... Maar dichterbij huis herinnerde dit mij weer aan de diverse tradities van kaartleggen; toen … Continue reading Waarheidszegging

Droom: de geluksroute

Ik liep de geluksroute door de stad (Haarlem?) en kwam langs allerlei panden waar op verschillende manieren inspiratie werd gedeeld. Zo passeerde ik een winkel, waar een inspiratiemarkt gaande was, en hier ging ik naar binnen. Ik zag meteen dat ze er leuke miniatuurfiguren verkochten. In dezelfde winkel zag ik ook leuke dobbelstenen... In een … Continue reading Droom: de geluksroute