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Santa Muerte enters the field – 02


take action while constantly bearing the past in the mind, without being afraid of having to change your ideas, even drastically

For me it is important to honour the accomplishments and the knowledge of the past  (my ancestors and my own experience) without getting stuck in outdated practice.

Recently I have been reviewing my methods of cartomancy, looking at accumulated results of study.

I have learned many things from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the underlying Golden Dawn system, but the qabbalistic doctrine felt too dogmatic and constricting for me.

Just look at 10 pentacles in the RWS system:
The qabbalistic tree imagery influences the  intrepretation of this card.

compare this with the 10 diamonds in standard (French style) playing cards:

There are no distracting  occult symbols in the standard playing cards…now I take up the challenge to see this card with a fresh outlook…it feels like refurbishing an empty room with my own stuff.

Considering the pips are numbered 1-10, the highest number is 10…this is an ending/completion of a cycle.
Diamonds were originally coins, money.

My intrepretation would be:  a maximum amount of money/finances.
On the positive side: a treasure, jackpot.
On the negative side: extreme wealth will attract thieves and other predators.

Comparing the intrepretation of this playing card with the Oracle card  31-Celebration:
The inheritance of knowledge, skills, finances, all those things that were passed down by the ancestors should be applied in a sensible way.
Finding a balance between hoarding and over-indulging, between keeping the secret knowledge and throwing pearls to swine, between rote repeating the past methods and disregarding everything.

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Basic cartomancy with playing cards

Standard playing cards are cheap, available, multi-purpose (also useful for gaming)
Some questions to consider….
I will use cartomancy to enable insight in daily questions.

My readings with cartomancy will take 1-60 minutes depending on whether i do yes/no with one card or using the whole deck in a Grand Tableau.

The oldest known form of cartomancy are the 15th century Mamluk playing cards with oracular text written on the cards.
Nowadays there are many decks (like the Cartamundi Lenormand) with oracular texts.

Furthermore there are many diverse cartomantic traditions to choose from.
I feel restricted by dogmatic intrepretations made by other people and prefer to write my own shorthand summary meanings on the cards

I believe any oracle can be used to clarify existing patterns in the present. Those patterns might continue in the flexible changeable future.
I  believe the future is not set in stone, but some patterns are more changeable than others depending on our actions.
Standard playing cards use the French-suit pattern.
Some special editions themed playing cards use pictures from fantasy, history, sciencefiction etc. While there are many pretty ones, the artwork might confuse the reading.
For now I prefer the standard deck, maybe I will use a themed deck when I like the pictures.HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I SPARE?
Using a standard deck will cost me less than one british pound, a themed deck will cost me more.HOW MUCH TIME DO I WANT TO DEVOTE?
At this moment I have spare time to devote one hour a day for study & practice.

Basic cartomancy with playing cards are not as popular as other colourful decks like modern Tarot, but I do not care about that.

There much information in books and on internet

Most of the time is being consumed by collecting and sifting information, expanding   my own vision is a never-ending story

There are many communities on the web, the quality might vary.

Basic cartomancy not affiliated with any religion; it is compatible with folk-lore.

Yes, usable as one of the many ways to activate my intuition.

Basic cartomancy is much easier than other systems like modern Tarot (especially Golden Dawn and their descendants)

It feels back to basics, getting free from traditional/dogmatic systems!

inspiration: Which Method of Divination is Right for You? — Lisa Boswell

 Camoin Tarot de Marseille method

Must read…Camoin basic rules  for reading TDM…
The method works for me, but…his claim ‘heir to a tradition which goes back for many centuries’ is contested in the Tarot community.


1st rule :
It is always the person asking the question who shuffles the cards and selects the cards. The cards are placed face down, and it is the Tarot reader who turns them face up at the appropriate time.

2nd rule :
When a card is in reverse position (of course from the perspective of the querent) it means that the energies of that card are blocked. If there is not already a card directly above (or below when following a variant method – see Upward and Downward Spreads) the reversed card, another card is drawn and placed there. The new card is always placed upright. It indicates the solution, the direction to take, what needs to be done to remove the blockage of the reversed card below it. It is the card that “cures” the reversed card.
3rd rule :
When a figure in the card gazes, or “regards”, in a direction where no card has been placed, another card is drawn and placed next to the first in the direction of its Regard. This card can be either upright or reversed. For instance, if the Pope is upright in the future position and it is looking at an empty space without a card, another card must be drawn to see what the Pope is regarding. This new card can be either upright or reversed.

4th rule :
When a similar symbol appears two or more times in the spread, it is important to pay attention to that symbol. For instance, in The Empress, The Emperor and The World, an eagle appears three times.

5th rule :
When the problem related to the blockage in a reversed card is resolved through the Tarot reading, and/or in dialogue with the querent, the reversed card can be placed upright. The situation thus transforms and the new reading appears which corresponds to what is occurring now that the problem has been remedied.

6th rule :
When all the cards have been placed and there are no more cards to draw, the spread is in principle finished. However, it is possible to continue to read the cards in the spread in relationship to information that surfaces during the discussion. For example, a certain card might represent a member of the querent’s family, a work colleague, or another person related to the question. Another reading can be made based on the card representing the particular person The new reading will give an idea about the life and surroundings of that person. 7th rule : Variations are of course possible using the Minor Arcana or with other structures than the standard spread beginning with three cards; for example, the Cross spread, spreads with more cards in a row horizontally, or any other spread. 8th rule : When using the Minor Arcana, the rules expressed above equally apply, in particular those on the direction of the Regard for the figures in the court cards: Page, Queen, King, Knight.

Source: Basic Rules of the Camoin Method of Tarot Card Reading — Camoin Tarot de Marseille (Tarot of Marseilles)

Choosing a Tarot Deck 

So many decks to choose from…

Hard-core traditionalists would prefer old Tarot te Marseille, but I find most old artwork too ugly for my modern senses.

Other Traditional decks: Choose a Deck | Tarot Heritage

On the other hand…modern versions of TDM sometimes diverge too much from the original tradition, almost becoming a Rider-Waite-Smith clone.

Other modern TDM: Marseille inspired Tarot decks

Rider-Waite-Smith…need I say more?
Diverging from de original TDM, heavily loaded with Golden Dawn dogma!

What is less good? RWS clones! 

What is worse? Zombie RWS!


Interview with a new oracle deck:Tarot de Marseille

Casting of seven cards in a row, reading from left to right:

1. Please tell something about yourself
Denier 6: value for money
2. What is your most important character trait?
Epee 7: Resourcefulness
3. Your strengths as a deck of cards
XVI LaMaisonDieu: Upending stagnation
4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards
XIIII Temperance: Slow moving
5. What is the best way to work with you?
XI LaForce: Discipline
6. The result of our partnership
Batons 7: Confidence
7. What else do you want to mention?
XVIII LaLune: Heed the visions

Gestalt reading: Denier 6-Epee 7-XVI LaMaisonDieu-XIIII Temperance-XI LaForce-Batons 7-XVIII LaLune.
Four major arcana:
XVI LaMaisonDieu-XIIII Temperance-XI LaForce–XVIII LaLune, the swift harshness of XVI LaMaisonDieu is tempered by the slow moving XIIII Temperance, while the power of the discplinarian XI LaForce is mellowed by the dreamy visionary XVIII LaLune,

Three minor arcana: two sevens (Epee & Baton) & Denier 6, the chancy sevens are grounded in the material world.
The emotional Coupe is missing, but on the other hand there is the dreamy XVIII LaLune.

It seems that here the Major Arcana shows the balancing act of opposite forces, while the Minor Arcana shows the grounding of complementary forces.

Conclusion: I have the feeling that Tarot de Marseille is really willing to work with me.

update…second opinions on the web:

1. The decks is best read using spreads;
2. Best answers positive, pro-active questions ( 7 connected to Chariot, Swords – Thoughts) ;
3. Sees through illusion and deception;
4. Agree with your interpretation;
6. Agree with your interp.; also i think it will become one of your working decks.
P.s. of course i agree with all your interpretations, but i added where i have other thoughts too.
Enjoy your deck!
1. Please tell something about yourself
it’s a new structure
2. What is your most important character trait?
Breakthrough prior boundaries
3. Your strengths as a deck of cards
4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards
Balance takes time
5. What is the best way to work with you?
6. The result of our partnership
Provide a whole new perspective
7. What else do you want to mention?
Keep it simple. Some will tell you things not true.

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Kipper & Tarot reading in comparison: what about twin souls?

Question is when will I meet my soulmate (“the one” I am waiting for)?

Kipper Answer:
I am not a believer of twin flame or soulmates.
…What I see here is that it will be definitely in this life time as you asked.
The circumstances look to be very encouraging.
I see that there has already been the gift or two along your life’s journey that has certainly helped you discover what is good or bad for you. Here I see you as a man with a wealth of experience. Now, as timing, I actually see that person already there around you. The best thing here is that you don’t have to do much… it feels with C 14 that you will be asking that person for some sort of help or perhaps responding to help. It will be a message of surprise and shock… someone who you already know.
I really get the feeling that they are around already.
My second take… as in timing. Being requested to return to a parent. This person will be on the “way”

Tarot answer:

 I asked when and got the 7 of wands. So… when you pick the courage up and go for it.
Ok, how will you notice. I still think you have already. I feel the tossing and turning at night an extreme attraction and an absolute lack of concentration and literally day dreaming.The cards may be telling us about someone you need to meet… but here I see a reaction soooo fast, it might need to calm. It feels utterly like a fire and explosion, and a fear to that, which will lead to avoidance.
Here I see you being a little more careful with this one… caus you know them
There are chances but only if this person is willing to make the sacrifice and I feel that it’s too hot to handle for them.

I think they are saying… you do know them and things need to mature without the fire.
concerning the Kipper spread: I have the tendency to respond to a call for help, playing the good knight to the damsel in distress

update on reading:
a few more hints and clues though.. a warning. You may hear what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear
First, passionate.. feeling the hear and also being a little dominant.. focused and ready for it.. it almost feels as if this person can’t really approach you romantically. Mixed with strength, you may have had an argument perhaps at some point. I checked to see if you did know the special person… and the relationship you have now is the 4 of wands. Before you start celebrating, this May also mean that it is someone in your friends circle… but yes, you have had something but it Seems to be quiet at the moment.
Now, I am quite sure that you see this as a person who has started again.. I have the feeling that this person never has a plan. You know the one who you ask.. want something to drink.. and they reply, oh please, but they can’t tell you what they want? I have the feeling here and also that they may be a little younger than you.
There seems to be fire on your side for this person, though I do still believe you are angry with them to a certain degree. Your true wish for them is to start making plans.. start thinking about doing things… and they literally want you to help them. Here is see perhaps they wish to be accepted as they are. This may also be a person who is having some sort of mental care and support. They are perhaps not at their best right now.
The relationship is already there. It is though innocent.


Interview with a new oracle deck TAROT

1. Please tell something about yourself

EIGHT OF CUPS-abandoned

2. What is your most important character trait?

THE CHARIOT-carriage to the otherworld

3. Your strengths as a deck of cards

PAGE OF CUPS-inspiration

4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards
TEN OF CUPS-idealistic

5. What is the best way to work with you?

THE STAR-consulting the Heavens

6. The result of our partnership

FIVE OF PENTACLES-a lonely path

7. What else do you want to mention?

NINE OF PENTACLES-the secret garden awaits

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Sybilla & Tarot connection

Found some interesting research that enables me to make a connection between Tarot and Sybilla decks:

The Sibilla, like the standard playing card deck, is divided into “quattro semi” (four suits): ♠ Picche Quadri,  Cuori, and ♣ Fiori.  Each suit is composed of 13 numbered cards.  The first 10 correspond to the standard playing card pips.  The final three of each suit represent “Il Fante” (Jack), “La Regina” (Queen),” and “Il Re” (King).
The Four Suits of the Sibilla:

The card title refer specifically to the Zingara della Sibilla deck, although most Sibilla very similar.

Picche (Spades): Represent conflict, combativeness, and the ability to fight for a cause, anger, aggression, violence, delays and obstacles, lack of progress, misfortune, pain, illness, disease, instability, mourning, sadness and grief. This suit indicates great mental force and courage.

1 – Dispiacere 6 – Sospiri 11 – Il Nemico
2 – Vecchia Signora 7 – Disgrazia 12 – La Nemica
3 – Il Vedovo 8 – Disperato Per Gelosia 13 – Sacerdote
4 – Ammalato 9 – Prigione
5 – Morte 10 – Militare

Quadri (Diamonds) represent the material world, money, property, financial transactions, gain, rewards, career advancement, travel, ideas, and news.  This suit indicates the power of personal charisma and magnetism.

1 – Stanza 6 – Il Pensiero 11 – Messaggiere
2 – La Lettera 7 – Bambino 12 – Donna Maritata
3 – Dono di Pietre Preziose 8 – Donna di Servizio 13 – Mercante
4 – Falsità 9 – I Deliranti
5 – Malinconia 10 – Il Ladro

Cuori (Hearts): represent the emotions, pleasure, happiness, balance, fertility, passion, affection, sentimentality, love, romantic interactions, and interpersonal concerns.  This suit indicates emotional strength, and concern for the human condition.

1 – La Conversazione 6 – Denari 11 – L’Amante
2 – Casa 7 – Letterato 12 – L’Amante
3 – Belvedere – L’attesa 8 – Speranza 13 – Gran Signore
4 – Amore 9 – Fedeltà
5 – Allegrezza al Cuore 10 – Costanza

Fiori (Clubs) represent creativity, fecundity, business and practical matters, social contacts, activities, progress through effort, adventures, studies, and learning.  This suit indicates willfulness, determination, and great personal power.

1 – Imeneo 6 – Consolante Sorpresa 11 – Domestico
2 – Superbia 7 – Gran Consolazione 12 – Giovanetta
3 – Viaggio 8 – Riunione 13 – Dottore
4 – L’Amica 9 – Allegria
5 – Fortuna 10 – Leggerezza

source: About The Sibilla Cards « 104etal’s Weblog


Onlangs herlas ik Pullman’s trilogie: His Dark Materials, en meteen werd ik weer gegrepen door Het Gouden Kompas, de Alethiometer.

Zesendertig symbolen in een kring rondom een kompas, als medium tot waarheidsvinding!

De Egyptenaren deelden de hemel in in 36 Decanen

Maar dichterbij huis herinnerde dit mij weer aan de diverse tradities van kaartleggen; toen ik mij hiervoor begon te interesseren begon ik met gewone kaartspelen, maar ik vond het teveel gedoe om alle lijsten uit mijn hoofd te leren, dus zocht ik naar orakelkaarten met plaatjes:


Pixie Tarot.

De eerste twee heb ik in het begin kort verkend, maar de laatste heb ik het meeste bestudeerd en gebruikt.
Door het boek van Pullman heb ik weer interesse gekregen in Lenormand, en naarmate ik me daar verder in verdiep vind ik ook andere kaartlegsystemen uit die periode interessant:


Er gaat een hele wereld aan orakelbeelden voor mij open!

Seidh, tweede nieuwe maan sinds winterzonnewende 2019

Vandaag weer de eerste bijeenkomst Seidh in het nieuwe jaar.

Contact gemaakt met Verthandi

het beeld dat bij mij naar boven komt is de Vrouwe die in haar linkerhand diverse strengen draden in verschillende kleuren van haar voorganger Urth ontvangt, vervolgens ontstaan er nieuwe combinaties van draden tussen haar handen.
Sommige draden gaan zelfstandig verder, andere mengen zich met andere draden tot veelkleurige weefsels.
Uiteindelijk gaan alle combinaties weer verder via haar rechterhand naar de volgende Zuster Skuld….

Met hulp van de Vrouwe het orakel geraadpleegd, wat moet ik met de
Nieuwjaarsboodschap 2020 Asagrim?
Is het een persoonlijke boodschap met betrekking tot mijn eigen situatie, of is het een boodschap voor het grotere geheel?
Bij de duiding van het orakel blijkt, dat deze boodschap betrekking heeft op het grotere geheel, iets waar ik weinig invloed op kan hebben, maar waarvoor ik wel hulp mag aanroepen bij Asagrim.

Vandaag is chinees nieuwjaar van de gouden rat
De astrologen zeggen:
“These types of people are positive, thrifty, diligent, and industrious. When they are out and about, they like to find a bargain and are innovative.
They attract many people to them because they are a good friend to other people. They will have a lot of luck in their futures because they will use their keen imaginations to create great success for themselves.”

Dat is dan weer heel anders dan de reputatie van Rat in het Westen, dan wordt de associatie gelegd met de Zwarte Dood.

In het licht van het Corona Virus moet ik ook hier aan denken, vooral in combinatie met de boodschap van Asagrim krijg ik de associatie van de Apocalyps!

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

In deze donkere tijden is het goed om te weten dat ik gesteund wordt vanuit de andere werkelijkheid, en dat ik ook in de alledaagse werkelijkheid steun ervaar van mensen om me heen!