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Tarot makeover 02: reading for a client

Q:How would my job life if I'm accepted at the position I want? A: past-present-future: 2♠-1♥-2♥ Interpretation: influence from the past: doubting and ditheringsituation of the moment: hopeful expectationtrend for the futrue: wish fullfillment summary: in the past you were blocking yourself with doubts and dithering.if you are able to leave that past behind you, … Continue reading Tarot makeover 02: reading for a client

Tarot makeover 01: swap reading an unknown client

Q: How can I get all the things I need to get done this week, without losing my temper with my family?  A: (using hedgewitchery)-Page ♦: bringer of news-Six ♠: ferryman-Knight ♠: man in black Summary: Try another strategy: take a break, step away from all this chaos; if you allow yourself to ask for … Continue reading Tarot makeover 01: swap reading an unknown client

Tarot makeover 00: workshop

Recently I followed the 5-day Tarotmakeover workshops Day 1: Q:Think about a Tarot reading that went really well. What were you doing and who were you being that made it such a positive and enlightening experience? A:That one period when I met my twin soul, I fell head over heels in love.As soon as I … Continue reading Tarot makeover 00: workshop

Zinnig Wandelen in Amsterdam Noord –de seizoenen

Seizoenswandelingen"Wij mensen zijn geneigd de seizoenen en de wisseling ervan te zien als iets, dat buiten ons om plaats vindt. Wij maken echter deel uit van de cyclische beweging ervan. Sterker nog: wij zijn de seizoenen. Wij zijn de belichaming van dat ritme." - Jaap Voigt Tijdens de Seizoenswandelingen van Zinnig Noord maak je kennis … Continue reading Zinnig Wandelen in Amsterdam Noord –de seizoenen

Meditations on intro: RAH

My work with the Santa Muerte Oracle & Tarot felt like encountering the Shadow in the Nether World, very intense and sometimes heavy.For now I feel the need to work with the Upper World, to experience the balance between both worlds. Recently the angel RAH came in my dreams... The oracle 69 says: Guardian Angel Rochel is the … Continue reading Meditations on intro: RAH