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Lenormand reading

how will next two weeks develop?
it looks like that you are waiting for someone…. literally someone.
You are worried about where this relationship/friendship will lead to.
There is confusion at the moment just exactly what will come from this and that is leading to a lot of worry.
This looks to be that this doubt will clear.
This friend (I can’t say if it is romantic or not) of yours you can expect to have rules put into place.
I still see the middle that this is someone you are not at all sure about, this will be cleared up quite quickly.
Part of me thinks this is an ex colleague asking for support?
All I can tell you is that there will be an end to the worry… and this is a good relationship.

Kipper reading for a friend

“can you ask how things will develop in the next 2 weeks for work? anything positive coming up?”

16 his thoughts-12 rich girl-22 military person
10 journey-2 SIGNIFICATOR-26 great fortune
24 thief-35 long way-3 marriage

intrepretation, using ‘bavarian method’ significator box:
in your mind there is the strong wish to become a successful woman in the world of men.
currently fortune is still elusive, leaving your current place might work better.
you feel (correctly) that you have to go a very long way before you get the good match. you still have to confront that what steals your energy!

Basic cartomancy with playing cards

Standard playing cards are cheap, available, multi-purpose (also useful for gaming)
Some questions to consider….
I will use cartomancy to enable insight in daily questions.HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PERFORM?
My readings with cartomancy will take 1-60 minutes depending on whether i do yes/no with one card or using the whole deck in a Grand Tableau.IS THE HISTORY A PRO OR CON?
The oldest known form of cartomancy are the 15th century Mamluk playing cards with oracular text written on the cards.

Nowadays there are many decks (like the Cartamundi Lenormand) w
ith oracular texts.
Furthermore there are many diverse cartomantic traditions to choose from.I feel restricted by dogmatic intrepretations made by other people and prefer to write my own shorthand summary meanings on the cards

I believe any oracle can be used to clarify existing patterns in the present. Those patterns might continue in the flexible changeable future.
I  believe the future is not set in stone, but some patterns are more changeable than others depending on our actions.
Standard playing cards use the French-suit pattern.
Some special editions themed playing cards use pictures from fantasy, history, sciencefiction etc. While there are many pretty ones, the artwork might confuse the reading.
For now I prefer the standard deck, maybe I will use a themed deck when I like the pictures.HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I SPARE?
Using a standard deck will cost me less than one british pound, a themed deck will cost me more.HOW MUCH TIME DO I WANT TO DEVOTE?
At this moment I have spare time to devote one hour a day for study & practice.

Basic cartomancy with playing cards are not as popular as other colourful decks like modern Tarot, but I do not care about that.

There much information in books and on internet

Most of the time is being consumed by collecting and sifting information, expanding   my own vision is a never-ending story

There are many communities on the web, the quality might vary.

Basic cartomancy not affiliated with any religion; it is compatible with folk-lore.

Yes, usable as one of the many ways to activate my intuition.

Basic cartomancy is much easier than other systems like modern Tarot (especially Golden Dawn and their descendants)

It feels back to basics, getting free from traditional/dogmatic systems!

inspiration: Which Method of Divination is Right for You? — Lisa Boswell

Unboxing Roopa Dudley Kipper

First of all: I love the Frida Kahlo vibe in Roopa Dudley‘s Kipper cards

This deck is definitely not for beginners, it assumes experience/knowledge on Kipper:

Kipper  cards from 1920 are depicted such that Hauptperson 1, Gute Herr (5), and Reicher GuterHerr (13) all face to the left, and their partners Hauptperson 2, Gute Dame (6), and Reiches Maedchen(12) all face to the right.
Falsche Peron (8) & Truebe Gedanken (33) faces right, Eine Reise (10) & Ein Langer Weg (35) diagonal top left, Seine Gedanken (16) & Diebstahl (24) &  Erwartung (28) faces left, Todesfall (19) diagonal bottom right, 

Kipper cards from 1890 are depicted the other way around, Roopa follows the same directionality based on The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper Cards

There is some discussion going on about the source of this  so-called ‘traditional Bavarian way of Kipper reading’ , passed on by an unmentioned elderly Bavarian lady, up till now not confirmed yet by independent documentation and research.
I consider this a purely academic discussion in the same way as the discussion concerning the ‘traditional way of cartomancy’  (passed on by hereditary witches or whatever).

Anyway, I really love this deck, especially because it was a personal gift from the artist!
I saw on YouTube  some confusion about directions…
Roopa  provided two sets of Main Characters with opposite directions, to enable reading for same-sex relations, I like this addition really.

There are some nice easter eggs hidden in the artwork, I still have to discover the clue in Militaerperson (22)…

I am just wondering about the extra cards, I would like to see description in the accompanying booklet about the extra cards:  failure, romance, nostalgia, fortuneteller, circus, inspiration, cosmic connection, mastermind, social media, leisure, playmate, workmate!


The Coven of Cards: doing magick with playing cards

Another discovery on the web: doing magick with playing cards; i copy/paste most of it and made some adaptations

I establish a space that can remain up for at least a lunar month, and dress it with a red cloth upon which I place a votive candle on the South side, a small incense dish on the East side, and a dish of water with a sprig of rue on the West side. 
I remove all the courts from a deck of playing cards, and lay them out on the cloth in a ring, in the following order:

1 – K ♠, The Magister, in the North
2 – Q ♦, The May Queen, in the South
3 – K ♣, The Harvest King, in the West
4 – Q ♥, The Seeress, in the East
5 – K ♦, the Devouring Sun, in the Southwest
6 – Q ♠, Dame Fate, in the Northeast
7 – K♥, the Red Lord, in the Southeast
8 – Q ♣, The Reaping Wife, in the Northwest
9 – J ♦, The Dancer, between Dame Fate and The Seeress
10 – J ♠, The Man in Black, between The Devouring Sun and The Harvest King
11 – J ♥, The Merry Men, between The Red Lord and The May Queen
12 – J ♣, The Kern Baby, between The Reaping Wife and the Magister

Then, I choose three cards to represent what I Will to Be, and set them under the Joker, in the center. 
Doing this represents the mastery of witchcraft over circumstance. I light the candle in its holder and the incense in its dish. 
I take three pinches of salt, cast them into the dish of water, and proceed to conjure a small circle around the coven of cards with my right hand, asperging the circle with the sprig of rue and censing it with the incense. 
After the circle is made, I sprinkle and cense each of the Coven cards.
Then I take up the Joker and the cards beneath it and lay all but the Joker out in a line in the center, naming each of the three cards as I set it down.   

I point to each of the three cards with my right forefinger, touching the card as I state my intention. 

… (lay cards down) 1-2-3
…state intention 1-2-3, connecting the cards as in a storyline/sentence
…”And…(scoop up the cards in the sequence 3-2-1 with Joker on top of all)
…”by the power of witchery” (kiss the Joker)
…“it is mine, here and now.”  (Knock three times with my knuckles of my right hand  to the north of my stack)
…“So mote it be.”

Then I set the stack of cards in the center of the circle, set my Athame in the North, pointing at the stack of cards, and leave the assembly to keep going on its own.
Knocking three times draws the attention of the spirits I work with, so that They take note of what I’m saying and do Their part.
The Athame pointing to the stack reinforces my will working on the intention in the stack of cards.
The Coven of Cards will continue to work on the spell, keeping a current of energy going just like a battery, with the red and black acting as positive and negative poles.
I restate the spell every morning when I first wake, and every evening right before I retire.
I don’t repeat the circle casting, or the censing and asperging again, but in the mornings I do light a candle and some incense.
I leave the spell going until I see definite results or until a lunar cycle has completed, whichever comes first.
I keep a couple of decks of playing cards set aside for this kind of work.
One deck to take the Coven from, and a second deck because I often need a court card to represent the person I’m working for.
When I dismantle the spell, I put the three cards back in the deck they came from, then give offerings and thanks to the Coven of Cards before dispersing them back in their deck.

Source: The Coven of Cards | The used key is always bright

Cartomancy For the Witch of Poor Memory

Considering I have trouble with memorizing large lists, I am really fond of poetic memory-aides!
Here comes something I found on the web, inspired by new world witchery

The firstmost rule is easily had:
Red cards are good and black cards are bad.  

The secondmost rule shall bring greater fruits:
It deals with the meanings of each of the suits.
The Hearts count as love, family, and friends.
Diamonds are money, wealth, means, and ends.
Clubs shall mean work, callings, and plans,
And Spades are the troubles that plague every man.  

The thirdmost rule toward number inclines;
Just note the card’s pip and read here their signs:  
An Ace brings beginnings,
And Two gives exchange,
Three shows things growing,
But Four does not change.
Five is the body, Its health and its stead,
Six shows a path
That the Seeker shall tread. 
Seven brings troubles That Fate has assigned,
While Eight shows ideas And thoughts in the mind.
Nine heralds changes,
And Ten is the end,
While Kings are the symbols Of power and men.
Queens are the emblems Of women and truth,
A Knave is a message, A girl, or a youth. 

source: Wise & Subtle Arts of Cartomancy

 Camoin Tarot de Marseille method

Must read…Camoin basic rules  for reading TDM…
The method works for me, but…his claim ‘heir to a tradition which goes back for many centuries’ is contested in the Tarot community.


1st rule :
It is always the person asking the question who shuffles the cards and selects the cards. The cards are placed face down, and it is the Tarot reader who turns them face up at the appropriate time.

2nd rule :
When a card is in reverse position (of course from the perspective of the querent) it means that the energies of that card are blocked. If there is not already a card directly above (or below when following a variant method – see Upward and Downward Spreads) the reversed card, another card is drawn and placed there. The new card is always placed upright. It indicates the solution, the direction to take, what needs to be done to remove the blockage of the reversed card below it. It is the card that “cures” the reversed card.
3rd rule :
When a figure in the card gazes, or “regards”, in a direction where no card has been placed, another card is drawn and placed next to the first in the direction of its Regard. This card can be either upright or reversed. For instance, if the Pope is upright in the future position and it is looking at an empty space without a card, another card must be drawn to see what the Pope is regarding. This new card can be either upright or reversed.

4th rule :
When a similar symbol appears two or more times in the spread, it is important to pay attention to that symbol. For instance, in The Empress, The Emperor and The World, an eagle appears three times.

5th rule :
When the problem related to the blockage in a reversed card is resolved through the Tarot reading, and/or in dialogue with the querent, the reversed card can be placed upright. The situation thus transforms and the new reading appears which corresponds to what is occurring now that the problem has been remedied.

6th rule :
When all the cards have been placed and there are no more cards to draw, the spread is in principle finished. However, it is possible to continue to read the cards in the spread in relationship to information that surfaces during the discussion. For example, a certain card might represent a member of the querent’s family, a work colleague, or another person related to the question. Another reading can be made based on the card representing the particular person The new reading will give an idea about the life and surroundings of that person. 7th rule : Variations are of course possible using the Minor Arcana or with other structures than the standard spread beginning with three cards; for example, the Cross spread, spreads with more cards in a row horizontally, or any other spread. 8th rule : When using the Minor Arcana, the rules expressed above equally apply, in particular those on the direction of the Regard for the figures in the court cards: Page, Queen, King, Knight.

Source: Basic Rules of the Camoin Method of Tarot Card Reading — Camoin Tarot de Marseille (Tarot of Marseilles)

Asking the gypsy cards: how will job hunting go

I’d like to know how Job hunting will go.


center-focus card for job hunting: travel
above-thought: hoping for a good arrival
below-undercurrent: jealousy 
left-behind-uncounscious influences: judgement
right-front-conscious act: letter


you are already taking a lot of action for job-hunting, every time hoping for a good result, but being disappointed because somebody else was chosen.

unconsciously your inner judge is putting a lot of stress on your process.

it seems the oracle is trying to tell you: hold your horses, take a break, relax…

Only then there will be space for good news

Choosing a Tarot Deck 

So many decks to choose from…

Hard-core traditionalists would prefer old Tarot te Marseille, but I find most old artwork too ugly for my modern senses.

Other Traditional decks: Choose a Deck | Tarot Heritage

On the other hand…modern versions of TDM sometimes diverge too much from the original tradition, almost becoming a Rider-Waite-Smith clone.

Other modern TDM: Marseille inspired Tarot decks

Rider-Waite-Smith…need I say more?
Diverging from de original TDM, heavily loaded with Golden Dawn dogma!

What is less good? RWS clones! 

What is worse? Zombie RWS!