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Blurb: Adventures in Mythago World

Ages ago in the time before Time, the Wars of the Gods escalated...Gods fell from the Heavens as falling stars.Daemons rose up from the Hells, shaking the foundations of the Earth.The Veil between the worlds was torn asunder...And the Fae returned to Middle-Earth.Now the powers of the Gods and Daemons are silent and exhausted after … Continue reading Blurb: Adventures in Mythago World

Happy Stones 06 – Friday

ᛝ Ing ƿæs ærest mid Eástdenum geseƿen secgum, oð he síððan eást ofer ƿæg geƿát. ƿæn æfter ran. þus Heardingas þone hæle nemdon. "ᛝ Ing was first amidst the East Danes so seen, until he went eastward over the sea. His wagon ran after. Thus the Heardings named that hero." Ping: Happy Stones 00 – … Continue reading Happy Stones 06 – Friday