Ghost/Echo crossover World of Darkness and Shadowrun

Skye the Demon, Jason the Grip and Bunk the Hull remembered their first shadowun together:
Skye seduced the sysop of VR corp to get information about the security system.
Jason blackmailed the sysop for the necessary passwords and login info.
Bunk did some breaking and entering to steal the top-secret project.
Apparently VR corp was experimenting with enhanced VR helmets to enable physical entry to the Otherworld.
According to rumours on the street, somewhere in the Otherworld was the black tower, the most important nexus between the worlds.

The shadowrunners decided to use the helmets to enter the Otherworld…
They arrived nearby the besieged Tower.
The Horned Hunter lead his troops of hellhounds and wraiths against the Sidhe who defended the Tower.
Already the top of the Tower was toppled by magical lightning.
After some scouting the shadowrunners succeeded to enter the Tower.
Arriving at the damaged top of the Tower, they met the last Watcher, the Black Knight.
Negotiating was not easy, but in the end they agreed to sacrifice three souls in exchange for three wishes.

Using the helmets to return to Midgard, the shadowrunners started hunting their prey.

Bunk ambushed mister Johnson, but his prey escaped the trap.
Skye caught the sysop with her charm and Jason brought in another victim.

Returning to the Black Knight with their offerings, the shadowrunners were ready to get their wish: a safe haven in the Tower and a link between the Tower and their Coven.

Alas…they forgot to watch out for Sidhe word-bending the fine print of the deal…

In the end the shadowrunners were not able to leave the Tower!

Ghost/Echo crossing path with World of Darkness and Shadowrun.