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Violence is part of nature, right?

The political correct answer, especially in many new age groups would be : 'no way, I'm a pacifist'But:Pacifism Vs. Rewilding states: "In order for things to live they have to eat, which means they have to kill. Whether you kill a plant or an animal, you use violence to do it. I don’t judge violence … Continue reading Violence is part of nature, right?

At Last: Obama!

Celebrate!At LastThis began with a promiseThat i made to myselfThat I would never, never stop pursuingMy dreamI lived this and breathed itIt was running through my veinsI knew we neededI knew we neededChange!There were many that were thinkingThat we were fooling ourselvesThat we would never make it farBut I believed in this landAnd that there'd … Continue reading At Last: Obama!

Witches for Obama

A call to spellcraft, found in my mailbox: 65 years ago in the skies above England, pilots fought the Nazis in the Battle of Britain. ... Legend has it that witches all over the land held rituals during those days and nights willing victory, willing the aggressors to fail or go home. The same thing should be happening … Continue reading Witches for Obama

Manifest Obama

OBAMA, yes we can!Between now and November 4...Let's spend one minute a day...Envisioning Barack Obama...As our President...Prepare your heart to fill with hope...Prepare your mind to embrace the change...Envision Barack victorious on election night......Taking the oath of office...On Inauguration Day...Believe that this great moment in American history is already a reality...Say the words to yourself...To … Continue reading Manifest Obama