Zinnig Noord – Storytelling 13 december 2015 @ Tolhuistuin

Considering the community as if it were a body, which aspect/body part am I?
My main skills are being a teachter/writer, symbolised by the mouth.


Óss er algingautrok ásgarðs jöfurr,
ok valhallar vísi.
Jupiter oddviti.
(Óss is aged Gautr
and prince of Ásgardr
and lord of Vallhalla)


speaking as a prophet
of the doom that comes
winter is coming
twilight of the gods

the dark is rising
who will listen
please wake up
heed my words

beware of the jujub bird
and shun the frumious bandersnatch

where is the hero
when we need him
is there still hope
for us all

this story has been told
again and again
when will we learn
do we have to repeat
the age old drama
again and again

fimbulwinter is coming
will we humans survive

gaia is complaining
to the other gods
the weight of humanity
is too much upon me

they plunder
and pillage
my body

let there be
flood and fire
war and famine

cleanse the earth
of this terrible cancer
called humanity

will nothing be spared
maybe a few
to start all over again
and again and again

times after times
repeating this story
till gaia dies

will there be other stories
on other planets
have they been through
this story before

what destroyed
the canals of mars

is there a god
who cares

will god reset
the universe
again and again

this is samsara
wheel of endless repetition
is there any release

becoming a monk
retreating from world
is not my path

so i stay in the world
playing my role
as good as i can

standing up
against the gathering dark
even as the tides
are against me

is this not my wyrd
is there any other option

the game has to be played
to the very end
no happy ending

i do not know
i do not know
i do not know

but i have been called
to play this piece
so i respond
to this call
to action

looking for others
on this same path

do i have anything
in common
with the followers
of the White Christ

some part of me
was brought up this way
but the blood of the ancestors
tell another story
the will of heaven
striving for
a humane society

no place for those
who flee from the world
not for me the path
of the wise man
in the woods
or the nun
in her cell

but to wander
over the earth
a voice
in the desert

the white crane calls
its young answers
I have a cup
to share


i am also a shapeshifter
changer of form
i have different seemings
i am a trickster
so i can fool the world
i am an opener of the gate
an open road creates freedom
the road not taken
makes all the difference
you never know
where it ends
only heaven and earth knows

Zinnig Noord – Storytelling 13 december @ Tolhuistuin: het Grote Verhaal

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