Equinox and Lunar eclipse are coming

On Thor’s day this Boojum called me to make him a new outfit; since he was very insistent I went to work on it: removing the threadbare old stuff, making a new covering.
As soon as I finished he looked very lively, fully awake.
Impressive-looking, those angry piercing eyes, almost unbearable.

On Freya’s day I went to Her Temple to meet and greet friends from the three worlds.

Sharing live events I realised Boojum confronted me with old pain and anger, the ancestral trauma of colonial times.
Some recent confrontations during my daily life triggered these tears from the ancestors.
There is pain and anger, but also great power emerging from the Deep.
It is a real challenge to bring the Dark into Consciousness instead of covering up.

When I stood before the Altar of the Lady, the Compassionate One sent her healing rays.

I feel truly blessed today!

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