Tricube Tales – Weird Sisters toil and trouble

Three Sisters of our Lady welcomed four teenage  guests at the Lighthouse…

Granny commanded Aunty and Junior to the waiting sailing boat with a hurry, they had to go to the mainland immediately!
Junior was already huffing and puffing, almost ready to deliver the next generation…

After the boat left, Granny showed the guests their rooms…

That night the teenagers saw Granny wandering around the Lighthouse, three times she circled the island, yelling at the four Winds!

Next morning was very clouded, Granny directed the teenagers to light the fires of the Lighthouse, but when the light refused to stay burning, Granny suspected a gremlin invasion.

The teenagers investigated the whole Lighthouse up and down while Granny was taking a nap….

Ari, the household spirit appeared shortly in the topmost part of the tower, but disappeared suddenly!

What happened with Granny?
Her body laid lifeless in bed, some claw marks were found…

Following the trail, there was the gremlin!

The fierce monster was defeated, thanks to a very effective cold iron skillet!

Now the gremlin was gone, it was quite easy to fix the lights and to summon the household spirit again…
Ari warned them of the approaching danger:  the White Ship returns!

The bright beam of the lighthouse showed in the distance a hulk approaching from the dark North…

The White Ship crashed on the beach!

Investigating the ship, entering the hold, a large chest was found….

A well preserved body was in the chest!

Suddenly the body arose and started attacking!

Fire and cold iron put down the monster…

Returning to the tower, the teenagers used the lights to signal the mainland for help…

To their surprise, the help arrived with a sailing boat with  Aunty and Junior, who was carrying a newborn girl!

‘Granny’s time in this world has passed away, but the new generation is here’


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