This is my deepest wish for now: being TOGETHER with my beloved, to share our lifepath.

Challenge: TRUST.
What is witholding me, what is blocking me to open up to Spirit?
lack of trust, fear to be taken, loss of control, having to sacrifice my heart’s blood.
My meetings with messengers from the Otherworld often have been intense:
Having the messenger of death riding on my shoulders, to cut the silver thread of the dying…
Not an easy task, but a necessary task to easy the suffering.

Standing meditation:  Observing my feelings & thoughts, clouds passing by.
BEAR comes through my body. 
Greetings, Healer!
This is the road to be taken…

What might happen if I dare to trust:
growing up, becoming stronger, cleaning up the old mess.

Storytelling my dreamquest:
Going down the rabbit hole, falling down into the Otherworld…
Meeting the bloodyminded headhunting Queen of Swords.
Here rules Lady Death, Santa Muerte
What is she hiding behind her skull-mask?
Her palace is build with human bones.
The good, the bad and the ugly…all come here in the end.
What is she baking in her oven?
Certainly not apple-pie but flesh and bone ‘double double toil and trouble’ in her Cauldron.
Here comes the harvest from the killing fields, the sacrifice from Slaughterhouse Five.
Here is the boulevard of the Broken Dreams.
Death and taxes I can trust, they are unavoidable.
At least we all end up here for a long stay to rest.

This is Hell, not as seen by the followers of the White Christ.
This is the home of Hulda, Hel, Frau Holle.
She stirs her Cauldron until the the mixture becomes a thick dough, she kneads the dough into buns, then put them in her Oven until they become babies to be sent out again in the world of the living.
Is this the endless cycle of the wheel of Karma, neverending Samsara?
The path of the Buddha: renouncing the world, disconnect from society…is not my path.
Neither is the path of the White Christ: to surrender to the one and only true path according to their priests.

So this is my path: to journey into the dark, confronting shadows, bringing light in dark corners. Sharing my vision in community…

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