Meeting the challenge of Lockdown

What can I do in these weird times?

1 “Maintain your spiritual practice”

Keeping up with my meditations, prayers and offerings tot the lesser and greater gods/spirits of the ancestors and this land.
Listening to their voices/visions.
Check and doublecheck the gathered information
Acting on clear advice.

2 “Don’t worry about being ‘productive’”

Working in the cloud with a busy connection is slow business!
Watching out for RSI-related problems, taking enough breaks tot stretch and move.

3 “This is not the time to dwell on long-term plans”

This situation feels very fluid, changing every day.
“At this point we simply don’t know how long this will last, and we have no way of knowing what the world and our part of it will look like when it’s over.”

4 “Keep your divination specific and short-term”

Never mind doing the great card spread…
I will stick to one-card or one-stone oracles, one-throw Yi Jing!

5 “Watch for what you’re overlooking”

“Keep your eyes open for political opportunism, exploitation, and profiteering.
Various spiritual persons are also trying to take advantage of this situation….
honoring and following the Gods should be our first priority, they are not the only spiritual beings who can impact our world and our lives.
There are ancestors, Nature spirits, and the Good Neighbors,…
And some of them are seeking allies.

Choose your allies carefully.”

Sound advice…They all have their own agenda…Beware of malak ha-mashḥit !


Source 5 Things to Pay Attention to During the Lockdown | John Beckett

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