Kipper block of nine: what is the intention of this person towards the querent?

A-B-C=18-16-34 =conscious, thought
D-E-F= 3-8-22 =situation
G-H-I= 6-24-11=unconscious, behaviour

A-D-G=18-3-6= cause, hidden, past
B-E-H=16-8-24=present, focus
C-F-I=34-22-11=outcome, open, future


First impression:
18 a new beginning is being 16 thought of but ignoring 34 the hard work as a consequence
current situation,  8 as focus at the center…Hide a Knife in a Smile
3  the proposed ‘marriage’…might be a false front to hide 22 the domineering person behind the mask
behaviour: 6 the queen bee is stealing 11 energy

A-D-G=cause, hidden, past
3 a new beginning of a 3 joint venture is (secretly) engineered by 6 the queen bee
B-E-H=present, focus
16 high ideals are 8 obscuring  24 vampires
C-F-I=outcome, open, future
34 hard labour for 22 a dominating person who gets 11 all the credits

3 the ‘marriage’ is 16 an illusion created by 22 a dominating person who will 24 rob you

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