Kipper Grand Tableau: prognosis after pension

Q:my pension starts half oktober, what is the prognosis for the period afterwards?

The first thing that strikes me in the picture is that you first have to sort and “find” yourself anew and that the pension is nevertheless connected with many fears.
And also the fear of getting old and losing your youthfulness C10 (journey) C13 (rich gent) C08 (dishonesty) and C24 (theft).
Behind the closed door at the C08 (dishonesty) is the C24(theft).
I have put 3 extra cards on top of it, what is it that makes you so afraid, where you don’t want to look or are afraid to look and that is fallen C32 (sorrow) and 2x the C05 (good gent).
Fear of getting old and also fear of becoming like your father?
Did your father become grumpy or aggressive in old age?
The C05 is mostly for the father – but can also stand for the grandfather.
You have seen something in a male relative that you don’t want to have – or how you don’t want to be. .
Your main topic is C09 (change). So the change…
What can still be seen here: are the injuries and feelings of abandonment that you experienced as a young man and as a child, which come up again: C13 (rich gent) C018 (child) C34 (work) C33 (gloomy thoughts) – and with that again old anger : C32 (sorrow)
Why? now you have the time to look at really old things again, to clean up and to heal. This will be sent to you again from “above”.
I have a young woman lying here C12 (rich girl). Is that your daughter or another female person?
It’s definitely a female person from the family – that the house – C20 (house) is with her.
There is a move to a house C09 (change) and C20 (house)…

Q: the C12 (rich girl) looks like moving?
A: yes.. under her C12 is C09 (change) and C20.(house).
But not away from you .. closer to you.. She wants more security and wants to get old with you C12 (rich girl) C07 (letter) C28 (expectation) C03 (marriage) C25 (honor).
I also think that she is hoping for your proposal to her.. C03 (marriage) and C25 (Conor)..
That is what her view is going to…

C09  (change) and C20 (house) could also show her wish of a change to a more “stabil Basis”
Some health issue I also see: C22 (military) and C31 (illness). Take care of your back and your joints. There I see a health issue

what is good to see: the last line in Future: C24 (theft) C25 (honours) C22 (military) C09 (change).
They (angels, good, Spirit – name it…) want you to have all the luck in the world they want to pour out happiness all over you – C 26 (Fortuna) – but this is only possible if you have “tidied up” beforehand and removed old themes from the way. Then the way is free for their presents..
In the past I can see, that you always have been a person who gave his “last shirt” for someone and a person with a big warm heart and willing to help everybody – but some people used this – C15 (Gift) C07 (letter) – C08 (dishonesty).

And I also see a dissapointment in a relationship C0 C03 C16 C14. You are on the way to leave this behind – because it is laying in the past.. but it would not be shown up in the picture, if this would not still have any influence on you. ..

I see MC1 in the 1st row meaning he is well situated despite worries
Q: Both in past and future there is 8-the False person
yes.. because things have went wrong in the past – and have triggered fears in you, which you have taken with you into the future, because they are not (yet) resolved. That means in the next months it is important to look at it, to look at it, to dissolve and heal it. Then you don’t need these fears anymore

Your soul is clearing the way for blessings to come – before you have to go through old subjects to untie yourself – than healing and a lot of blessings will come into your life.
The Healing light says: a miracoulus change will come full with unlimited blessings.. als a present for your Your courage to face these old issues again …


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