Day: August 9, 2020

Grand Tableau Kipper: my first reading for somebody else

Q: I would ask if You See how it will go on with my husband

A: I will exercise GT for the first time, proceed with caution on your own risk 😉

you (2) and him (1) will meeting (again?) in private (21), a final solution (19) will be made to change (9) the current situation.
He will set boundaries (22) in a way that makes you sad (14)
You were thinking (36) of the stable household (20) that you had secured (25) before, but a new (18) rekindling of your love live (15) seems far away.
your confidence is taken away (24) by the possibility of a (younger?) rival (12) who seems to have more positive energy (26 &27) than you.
He (1) is doubting (32) whether you both can be intimate (31) again.
He (1) might be thinking for a long time (10) about dating (4) and committing (3) with somebody else in secret (8).
It looks like You (2) are not open for good advice (6 & 20).

second opnions on the web:
1-I don’t see a third party joining here …there is no substantiation for a third party interest in the spread …

2-I think he hides something (“False person” close to his card). You both are still very close and familiar (“Living room” between your card and his card”), but it seems, that something is coming to an end “death ” below the “living room”). Please talk with him, speak about your doubts, because it seems that there is only a wrong person or only a misunderstanding between you both (“False person”), but he doesn’t feel good at all (“Worries-” and “illness” card beside his card).