Full moon dreams

1 – The Chovhani:

I went to the gypsy shaman for healing…
He found a black magick dart in my body, caused by the poisonous spit of a witch.
After pulling out the dart, he healed the wound.


Tsentsak are stored by the shaman in his or her yachay, or phlegm, located in the chest and stomach. The tsentsak are embedded within this phlegm and either the tsentsak or the yachay may be projected out of the shaman into a victim to cause illness and death. This phlegm is the materialization of the shaman’s power

In mainstream psychology the same phenomenon is being summarized as: 
Words can kill

2 – The Witch:

I went to the Althing for the gathering of elders
The witch was also there…
Since the Althing hallowing ensured sanctuary and free speech for everybody, there were no killing looks exchanged…
When she was absent for a while, I decided to leave the gathering….
Preparing to leave,  I met some other chieftains who greeted me in a friendly manner…
On my way out of the main hall I met the Witch again…
Now I finally gathered my astral cord back into myself….it took some time to free my cord from the entanglements in the circle, but at last I was free to go!


I have been involved in a coven for a long time….
Over time, several attachment and entanglements developed naturally.
So when I left, I had to dis-attach and dis-entangle.


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