Grand Tableau yule 2021 –

For this grand tableau I use the basic card meanings of hedgewitchery cartomancy 

I put the Joker as my significator in the complete deck and placed the tableau in 4×13, leaving the last card out as a overall theme for this spread.

To keep the first reading simple, I will focus on the significator and its surrounding cards, later on I will expand on other significant cards.

First impressions

Significator-The Joker-00
Surrounded by a equal amount of black and red cards, looks balanced at first sight

Overall theme: J ♠, The Man in Black, the soldier, the spy, Tricky Dicky…this will be another challenging year, beware of the Dark Trickster!

Looking at the vertical influences on the Significator:
K – 9♣ – 00 – A♣ – J ♠: The Magister/Horned Man – Change at work – ME – spark/cave – Tricky Dicky…
The Power that be issued an edict that caused a change in working conditions, forcing me to confront a rocky new beginning in uncertain situation.

Looking at the horizontal influences on the Significator:
3♥ – 10♦ – 00 – 5♣: Abundance – Treasure – ME – exercise…
There is enough financial base for me to do the Work!


3 thoughts on “Grand Tableau yule 2021 –

  1. feedback from another cartomancer:
    Your significator is in 12th column and 3rd row.
    Seems like you would be more past oriented and have less power to decide your moves. Environment is likely to govern your moves during this cycle.


  2. feedback from a cartomancer:
    “I too read challenges and slow movement as the overall theme but equally enough intellectual wins to minimise the frustrations throughout the year.
    Vertical influences: The King of Spades may represent a person or situation throughout the year. As person it might suggest that you will be influenced or make friends with a man of ambition and self-sufficiency (KS) who can steer you in overcoming hurdles (9C) especially financially throughout the year. You (00) will gain greatly (AC) from this alliance in minimising the impact created by this juvenile younger male (JS). As a situation you are asked to keep a clear and focused mind (KS) throughout the year to avoid misinformation (9C) and apathy. There will be plenty of positive movement and change (AC) ahead although not everything is going to be smooth sailing. (JS)
    Horizontal influence: Don’t take to many risks (3H) throughout 2022 no matter how tempting they appear. Sound and shrewd judgement (10D) will avoid troubles (5C) and open you up to other possibilities not previously considered.”


  3. Last year 2020 I also made a yule year reading: at that time the Queen of Spades was nearby the significator. According to my interpretation, she was the representation of the Black Widow, Lady Death, Santa Muerte, Pestilence.
    This 2021 yule reading the Queen of Spades is much further away from the significator, but still very central in the tableau.


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