Adventures in Mythago World

Ages ago in the time before Time, the Wars of the Gods escalated…
Gods fell from the Heavens as falling stars.
Daemons rose up from the Hells, shaking the foundations of the Earth.
The Veil between the worlds was torn asunder…
And the Fae returned to Middle-Earth.
Now the powers of the Gods and Daemons are silent and exhausted after the Wars, and the Glamoury of the Fae shines all over the World.
Magick has become chaotic and unpredictable after the GodsWar…a spell that fizzles or botches always have ‘interesting’ effects.
After the Gods War, the Powers became silent.
Most people acknowledge the Powers as a given force of nature, only some shamans keep the old traditions of sacrificing to the visible Powers:  Sun, Moon, Stars, Gaia, Fire, Water, Earth, Air

Many humans left their broken cities, becoming nomadic tribes. 
Caravans are the lifelines between the settlements, trading merchandise and knowledge.
The Mercenary clan guards the caravans.

A caravan goes on the monthly trading trip to Starfall, a hunter/gatherer settlement nearby Lake Starfall.
It is a ominous settlement, where a God/Daemon fell from Heaven into the Lake at the end of the Great Wars.

The normal merchandise are tools, but this time also some medicine, because last month the messages from the settlement mentioned that the village elder was ailing.

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