what you resist, persists?

Just a nice excuse to look away whenever fascism reincarnates again, it worked in the past…

“I don’t know from what spiritual tradition the “what you resist, persists” slogan originated, but I often want to ask those who blithely repeat it, “What’s your evidence?
When it is so patently obvious that what you don’t resist persists like hell and spreads all over the place.
In fact, good, strong, solid resistance may be the only thing that stands between us and hell.
Hitler didn’t persist because of the Resistance — he succeeded in taking over Germany and murdering millions because not enough people resisted.”


2 gedachten over “what you resist, persists?

  1. That's my man! Go for it, Hok! 🙂
    It's very good to question all the automatic things we say to each other … And especially in New Age land a lot of myths persist …
    So much for raising awareness …

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