How to answer yes/no questions in Lenormand?

There is some consensus to draw an odd number of cards, count positive versus negative cards to determine yes versus no.
The problem with this solution: there is no 100% consensus on the exact list of positive versus negative cards.

Andy Boroveshengra:  neutral-negative Book, neutral Ring
Rana George: neutral Book, positive Ring

Another solution from the old-school cartomancy with playing cards: count red (heart, diamond) versus black (club, spade) to determine yes/no.
IMHO the latter solution works best for me, in this case I will avoid the discussion about positive/negative cards, but on the other hand there is some discussion about positive/negative suits, spades in Lenormand are much beneficial than in other old-school cartomancy systems.

I did yes/no with other systems for a while (coin toss, ifa, i ching, playing cards)…determining probability factor might be influenced by wish-fulfilling thoughts, so the most confronting question is: am I willing to accept an answer that goes contrary to my own beliefs? otherwise I am only looking for confirmation of my own wishes. but still the oracle might answer me with a problematic ‘ this is what you fear’ in a Yes/no answer. It is then so easy to refuse the problematic answer and try another system instead.


Consultation of a truthsayer

…would like to know if an organisation they are in is “CULT-LIKE” in nature  and whether it could hurt spiritually / mentally.

1. The intentions of the organisation regarding their members (set the intention to show positive cards if they want to help members grow etc and negative if it is an ill intentioned org).

1. We have no drama cards
2. We do have challenging cards
This shows me that the Organisation is not one of ill intent but they do have some “business issues” in that they probably keep some of the transactions hidden and are not totally transparent
But not a cult – just a secretive Organisation

2. How Q will fair spiritually from the membership with this organisation.

We have 6 awesome wellbeing cards and only one troublesome – the cross where it sits with stork above shows me that the querent could actually benefit in the long term as it will aid them letting go of past trauma or painful issues … with tower central it could be an awesomely long and good effect on the querent
So in short – no not a cult and could actually be beneficial for querent’s wellbeing


The anchor and Dog show up. Well stablish belive system and loyalty.
They are a new organization that has a lot of money to spend tower + child + fish
There are some secrets regarding what they are committed to and their well-being is not known (ring + book + bear)
There will be a stressful change that brings stressful communication (stork + birds + rider)

It was cause discord with friends and she is going to experience miscommunication (dog + whip + letter) or maybe it’s referring to the membership itself will cause issues.
A partner or man will be upset about her membership (man + clouds + ring)
But ultimately her well being will be long term and stable (sun + tower + anchor)

What are the intentions of this organisation towards its members?
This looks as though they have a bit of a downer on things. Nothing intrinsically bad about the people, but some undermining of how members feel about themselves and a loop of anxiety around changes. It’s like saying, don’t be too optimistic.


How will the client fare spiritually?
Assuming the querent is a woman – she’s on top of it all, the more challenging cards are behind her but still pose a little discomfort. Otherwise she’ll be fine and committed to these changes – spiritually it may involve some journeying.
Overall I don’t believe it’s a cult but they are prone to being negative Nellies. The client isn’t letting this weigh her down though and may gain some good spiritual benefits.

Kipper & Lenormand dialogue: How will my meeting work out?

Kipper: Man-change-illness….This will not end well
A friend told me: be careful!…taking another road or staying home might be a wise option for the main male….if you intend to make a breakthrough, it might be worthwhile…but beware of the emotional/physical repercussions!

Lenormand: Mountain-fox-mice… Double double toil and trouble!
Somebody in my network said: Oh that’s insurmountable!

What really happened this day: The meeting went allright, but the homeward journey became a detour because I took the wrong train!
What is happening in the larger picture of my current process: experiencing a breakup of an old pattern, going through the mourning of what passed away, creating space for new inspiration, inviting much new input…I have to take care not to be overwhelmed!

Old school cartomancy


  • King. A man of very fair complexion; quick to auger, but soon appeased.
  • Queen. A very fair woman, fond of gaiety, and a coquette.
  • Knave. A selfish and deceitful relative: fair and false.
  • Ten. Money. Success in honourable business. Nine. A roving disposition, combined with honour able and successful adventure in foreign lands.
  • Eight. A happy prudent marriage, though rather late in life.
  • Seven. Satire. Scandal. Unpleasant business matters.
  • Six. Marriage early in life, succeeded by widow-hood.
  • Five. Unexpected news, generally of a good kind. 
  • Four. An unfaithful friend. A secret betrayed. 
  • Trey. Domestic troubles, quarrels and unhappiness. 
  • Deuce. A clandestine engagement. A card of caution. 
  • Ace. A wedding ring. An offer of marriage.


  • King. A fair, but not very fair, complexioned man: good natured, but rather obstinate, and, when angered, not easily appeased.
  • Queen. A woman of the same complexion as the king; faithful, prudent, and affectionate.
  • Knave. An unselfish relative. A sincere friend. Ten. Health and happiness, with many children. Nine. Wealth. High position in society. The wish-card.
  • Eight. Fine clothes. Pleasure. Mixing in good society. Going to balls, theatres, &e.
  • Seven. Many good friends.
  • Six. Honourable courtship.
  • Five. A present.
  • Four. Domestic troubles caused by jealousy.
  • Trey. Poverty, shame and sorrow, caused by imprudence. A card of caution.
  • Deuce. Success in life, position in society, and a happy marriage, attained by virtuous discretion.
  • Ace. The house of the person consulting the decrees of fate.


  • King. A man of very dark complexion, ambitious and unscrupulous.
  • Queen. A very dark complexioned woman, of malicious disposition. A widow.
  • Knave. A lawyer. A person to be shunned.
  • Ten.. Disgrace: crime: imprisonment. Death on the scaffold. A card of caution.
  • Nine. Grief: ruin: sickness: death.
  • Eight. Great danger from imprudence. A card of caution.
  • Seven. Unexpected poverty caused by the death of a relative. A lean sorrow.
  • Six. A child. To the unmarried a card of caution.
  • Five. Great danger from giving way to bad temper. A card of caution.
  • Four. Sickness.
  • Trey. A journey by land. Tears.
  • Deuce. A removal.
  • Ace. Death; malice; a duel; a general misfortune.


  • King. A dark complexioned man, though not so dark as the king of spades: upright, true, and affectionate.
  • Queen. A woman of the same complexion, agreeable, genteel, and witty.
  • Knave. A sincere, but rather hasty-tempered friend. Ten. Unexpected wealth, through the death of a relative. A fat sorrow.
  • Nine. Danger caused by drunkenness. A card of caution.
  • Eight. Danger from covetousness. A card of caution. Seven. A prison. Danger arising from the opposite sex. A card of caution.
  • Six. Competence by hard-working industry. Five. A happy, though not wealthy marriage. Four. Danger of misfortunes caused by inconstancy, or capricious temper. A card of caution. Trey. Quarrels. Or in reference to time may signify three years, three mouths, three weeks, or three days. it also denotes that a person will be married more than once.
  • Deuce. Vexation, disappointment.
  • Ace. A letter.

Source: Chambers book of days

Lenormand midzomer 2020

Bij een spontane Lenormand legging online ontvangen rondom midzomer 2020…

19 Toren
“Let op geen verkeersovertredingen te maken, anders volgen er boetes! Zorg dat je administratie op orde komt.
En neem contact op met die ene instantie wat je steeds maar uitstelt.
Trek jezelf niet teveel terug, anders zul je eenzaam zijn.
Je wilt hogerop komen en bent ambitieus, wordt niet arrogant.
Bekijk het geheel vanuit een hoger standpunt, je hebt goede vooruitzichten.”

Mijn duiding: ik wordt uitgedaagd om mijn senioriteit te aanvaarden!

Lenormand 16-06-2020

Dialoog op het web:

De sleutel opent deuren. Het geeft mogelijkheden. Maar de sleutel sluit ook deuren. Denk persoonlijk dat jij vandaag iets kunt afsluiten, misschien een studie of project waar je mee bezig was.
Omkeerbaar…een sleutel draai je immers om in het slot. Dus misschien herken je een situatie die je onomkeerbaar leek, toch is ook daarin een gaatje en blijkt dat het tij toch keert.
Met een sleutel kun je een schatkistje openen…dus mogelijk een uitbetaling voor je vroegere inspanning.
Het is een veranderingskaart….

ik bereid me voor op pensioen 😉

De beloning op je vroegere werk. 
Duidelijk dus een veranderingskaart😉.

Vandaag zou je het ook eens vanuit een ander perspectief kunnen bekijken 
Je hebt de sleutel in handen 
Kijk wat de mogelijkheden zijn 
Draai jij de sleutel om naar nieuwe mogelijkheden ?