Owl’s Wings: The Lady in the Moon

Owl’s Wings quotes the classical chinese autum equinox moonfestival:

During the Moon Festival, people eat special yuek beng (moon cakes) – made
of all sorts of delicious ingredients – from ground lotus and sesame to all kinds of sugary fillings.
Along with these cakes, shops sell colored paper lanterns, traditionally in the shapes of animals and, more recently, planes and space ships.

The Moon Festival is a romantic one.
Lovers spend the night together sharing moon cakes and wine while watching the Full Moon. Even couples who can’t be physically together can still enjoy the night by watching the Moon at the same time, united together under the magical Moonlight.

This festival also commemorates Hou Yi the Archer, lover of the Moon, who shot down nine of the ten suns who were scorching the earth.
Another nice detail: according to oral tradition the overthrow of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty was organized using mooncakes with a secret message inside: “Kill the Mongols on the 15th day of the 8th Moon” .

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