Month: October 2008

Manifest Obama

OBAMA, yes we can!Between now and November 4...Let's spend one minute a day...Envisioning Barack Obama...As our President...Prepare your heart to fill with hope...Prepare your mind to embrace the change...Envision Barack victorious on election night......Taking the oath of office...On Inauguration Day...Believe that this great moment in American history is already a reality...Say the words to yourself...To … Continue reading Manifest Obama

Herdenking Kristallnacht

Zondag 9 november 2008 19.30 – 20.30 uur Stadhuis Amsterdam (hoek Amstel, Zwanenburgwal) Sprekers: Ed van Thijn (oud-burgemeester van Amsterdam) e.a. Sinds 1992 organiseert de stichting Nederland Bekent Kleur de Kristallnacht-herdenking in Amsterdam. De Kristallnacht was een gewelddadige aanval tegen Duitse joden in de nacht van 9 november 1938, nu 70 jaar geleden. Centraal bij … Continue reading Herdenking Kristallnacht

Joe the Plumber

The real Joe the Plumber has nothing to do with Joe Wurzelbacher who debated with Obama.According to Tony Herrera, of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 50 inToledo, Ohio, Mr Wurzelbacher cannot practise in Toledo without a licence -although he can work for someone with a master's licence or in outlying areasthat do not require a … Continue reading Joe the Plumber

Learning to play Poi

Recently I started to exercise on poi This reminds me of the chinese meteor hammer Still a long way before I can do this! Anyway, a good exercise for coordination and suppleness: connecting left and right brain, loosening up the vertebrae, etc. Q blogspot

We make ‘em tougher here in China…

Jacobesis proposes to use militairy training at college to instill a sense of discipline in students.I say:seen this, done that...during my teenage time at school we had some marching drills and bajonet-fighting with bamboo-sticks, a perfect way to create war-childs.I would say yes to teaching self-defense at a young age, but militairy drill is going … Continue reading We make ‘em tougher here in China…

Arie & Dragons

Arie says:Somehow I felt that the international healing magick should be done withthe aid of Dragons.Wikipedia says:The origin of Chinese dragon is not certain, but many scholars agree thatit originated from totems of different tribes in China ....Chinese dragons are strongly associated with water in popular belief.They are believed to be the rulers of moving … Continue reading Arie & Dragons