Zinnig Noord -Storytelling @ Mandela

Who/What am I – acronym:


Opening up to the other side
inviting the shining ones
meeting the ancestors
and other spirit helpers
only in a good way

Greeting the Garuda
who carries me
to the other side
to the ancestors
on the high places

Hail the ancestors!
traversing many worlds
connecting many places

between nusantara
and middle kingdom
lies the hidden island
of the blessed immortals

the Lady rules
the island
of the immortals

blessed he
who knows the way
to the hidden island
journeying through the mist
of astral space
braving the horrors
of lost souls
and hungry ghosts

my spirit helper
protects me
carries me
on his back
as Garuda
carries Narayana
between the worlds

meeting the ancestors
warlords of mongolia
and also the unknown
unnamed foremothers
from the green islands

silently they carried
the burden of motherhood
in times of war
while the four horsemen
were riding

the foremothers
carried the seed
of the forefathers

the hardy fruit
their offspring

the chain
of stories

will be passed on
to the next generation


Het Mandelahuisje

Zinnig Noord – A place beyond belief

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