Tales from the Loop: Bugs in the Loop!Something loopy this way comes, feel it in the pricking of thy thumbs…

Rudolf was acting suspicious again, sneaking away after lunch….
Jeffrey gathered some friends to follow the tracks of his weird brother!

Arriving at a clearing in the woods they followed the tracks into a cave, finding some strange signs leading deeper inwards….

Rudolfs trail ended at a portal!

The curious kids followed the trail to emerge from the portal to find
themselves standing upon dark, viscous, slag-like material
which constantly shifts beneath their feet, the
smog around them is vert thick, they were just able to see a clearing with small huts…

Few people are on the streets, the inhabitants of the place looked very gaunt and listless, clad in gray worn clothing, obviously forced labor workers!

The kids approached some persons who told them to get the mandatory registration:

A tattoo on the arm

A badge


Of course, the kids did not feel like to get a tattoo, but a badge could be arranged!
They ambushed a few workers to get a badge, now the kids were able to leave the hovels unnoticed.

Apparently the smog caused some hallucinations, on the road they saw some weird visions:
A pyramid beneath a supermoon?
Giant jellyfish drifting away from a space shuttle?
A patrolling robot?
The latter was real and had to be neutralized quickly!

The kids arrived a the mines where laborers were listening to a passionate speaker…“A ruler who oppresses the people, does not deserve to govern”

A revolt was brewing!

The kids joined the vanguard to storm the Palace…

Passing by the Foundry, they defeated some guardians and an officer!
They were even able to loot a few powerful weapons…

A lightning throwing staff!

A huge arm, fit for a titanic robot!

Hacking into the cyberware by mindlink, the cyberarm was ‘persuaded’ to crawl behind the kids.


The palace gate was guarded by a titanic robot who was still missing an arm…

With some lucky shots, the controller of the robot was neutralized!

Now the kids were able to take over the controlling device, turning the robot into an ally to smash open the gate..

Entering the throne room, they saw the ruler holding Rudolf hostage at knifepoint!


A climatic battle ensued…VICTORY!

The kids discovered behind the throne room another portal

Now at last they were able to return to their own space/time!

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