Grand Tableau Newyear Eve 2022 – 01

Originally I meant to consult the Oracle at midwinter, but I became afraid to confront portents of doom I saw in the oracle of 2020!
Nobody listens to Cassandra anyway…This shadow is to great for me, what can I do?

Last night I awoke with a beating heart, it seemed the Oracle was knocking forcefully at my door…
And now I cannot resist the call of the oracle, I have to channel the message, I will become the voice.

Question: What is the message of the oracle that I have to share?

For this grand tableau I use the basic card meanings of hedgewitchery cartomancy

I put the Joker as my significator in the complete deck and placed the tableau in 4×13, leaving the last card out as a overall theme for this spread.

To keep the first reading simple, I will focus on the significator and its surrounding cards, later on I will expand on other significant cards.

First impressions:

Overall theme: J♦: Jack Sheppard , beware of Ponzi!

The significator is at the bottom of the tableau, at the end of the last row, subject of many influences, unable to do much about it.

Vertical column:
10♦-A♣-2♠-JOKER: wealth-seed-duel-JOKER
The financial market is very volatile and rocky

Horizontal row:
10♥-9♥-JOKER-8♣J♥: happyness-wish-JOKER-business-Jack Flash
To keep the household happy it needs ongoing maintenance and openness for the Good Messenger

I can only donate my two cents to the good cause, giving the Oracle a voice.

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