Creating a matrix for storytelling inspiration: cats everywhere in my dreams

Searching for inspiration, Cat came upon my path.

Lovecraft-The Dreamquest unto unknown Kadath: a journey in the dreamworld, confronting horrors, guided & protected by Cat. Main theme: shamanic journey in the otherworld, protection by power-animal cat. This book inspired my first internet nickname: dreamcat.
Lewis Caroll-Alice in wonderland & through the looking glass: A journey through the dreamlands, meeting Cat (and other creatures).
Chad Underkoffler-Zorzerer of Zo: storytelling fairytales, talking animals, Marquis de Carabas (Puss in boots)
Michael Moorcock-Eternal champion: (anti)heroes in the multiverse, struggling to choose their own way between conflicting agenda’s of the gods of Law and Chaos.

Karen Kuykendall:  Tarot of the Cat People : ‘A mystical rapport with cats is established in a distant place known as the “”Outer Regions.’
Evil Hat- FATE accelerated edition: rules-light roleplaying game.
Spark Roleplaying Game: ‘a tabletop roleplaying game about challenging your characters beliefs while building and exploring new worlds’

Creating a matrix
Allright then, my favored genre is Fantasy, subcategories Mythology & Fairy Tales.
I prefer storytelling a pre-gunpowder world, with a dynamic interaction and balance between magic & science. The veil between the worlds is still thin, crossing over between them is possible.

Brainstorming now:
Main theme: dreamlands.
I prefer to start the storytelling small scale: a single village for starters; potentially embedded in a larger scale world of mystery and imagination.
Furthermore, I like to explore ethical/spiritual issues: how to be humane in a world of conflicting powers?

Otherworld themes:
The boundary between humans and animals is fluid. Some animals and plants are sentient and can communicate with humans, some humans can shapechange into animals and plants.
There are no fixed borders between the three worlds (underworld, middle world, upper world)
In the beginning was chaos, out of chaos came the ordening elemental powers: fire, water, air, earth, quintessence. The elemental powers became sentient and manifested into form, the worlds were shaped and inhabited by beings, lesser and greater spirits interconnected with nature. Some spirits manifested into matter: becoming plants, animals, humans.
Beyond our world there are still alien forces dwelling in the primal chaos; some cause horror and madness, some are benevolent, but all of them are unfathomable.
The Powers of Law of Chaos have each their own agenda, using humans as their pawn.
Cats (and some other animals) have a special affinity for the otherworld, they are able to interact with otherworldly beings.

Mundane themes:
Great migration, intercultural conflict, stagnation versus change.

Title: Cats in the Dreamtime
Genre: fantasy, alternate reality, politic, shamanism.
Dominant issue: war between Law and Chaos.
Current problems: stagnant society confronting the chaos of great migration, conflicting belief systems.
Upcoming doom: another Great War.

Conflicting belief systems, different factions & leaders
The tribes:
‘We need to find new pasture, it is our destiny, our promised land’ Leader of the scouts.
‘The old empire is decadent and crumbling, the mandate of heaven has passed to the new tribes’ Tribal shaman
‘Personal honour is the most important thing’ War-leader

The empire:
‘This is the land of our ancestors, we have to defend it against the barbarians’ High Priest
‘We need strict laws, otherwise there will be anarchy’ Supreme Judge
‘Every citizen works for the common good’ Imperator

Important places:
Tribal lands: endless grasslands, migrating tribes, Great Oasis
No-mans land: frequent clashes between imperial patrols and tribal scouts, abandoned settlements, ruins, desolate atmosphere, Black Tower
Border marches: great wall, watchtowers, grim atmosphere, Last Keep on the Borderlands
Imperial lands: bustling cities, trade, byzantine intrigue, City of Thieves.

Final questions:
What is the role of Cats in this human conflict? Cats are aware of the otherworldly puppet players behind the scenes.
Which choices wil be made by Cats?

Shifting perspective:
Up till now, the perspective of this storytelling seemed to tilt towards the human condition.
What if we took the cats-eye perspective?
What if cats could be sentient, equal tot human, but with another perspective?
Looking with cats-eye, many things that are being done by the naked ape are alien and absurd:
Drawing a line in the sand to mark your boundary instead of using your scent-trail?
Journeying into space while oblivious of the otherworld?
Clearly the naked ape would need to be protected by Cat!

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