Equinox and Lunar eclipse : Wolf is calling

Stardust told me: wolf is calling, would you come?

So I heeded the call, to dance with Wolf.

Entering the space, I felt the need to cleanse the room, setting up the boundary…Wolf was also guarding the perimeter.

The moon is strong today and the spirits are eager to join the party!

During the first round of sharing and check-in, I felt the Lord with the Beautiful Beard coming through, it seemed I heard the talks as if it were just noise in a strange language. At the same time also Wolf came through, eager to play.

As soon as we started moving, Wolf became stronger, manifesting several aspects: playful, questing, but also dangerous.
Shapechanging between Wolf and Man, even Anubis showed His face.
Finally Wolf went to the Dreaming, giving me rest and recuperation.

For me Moving Meditations work better than Lotus postures to make the connection to the Other.
Furthermore, I feel the need for a strong circle, safe boundaries, a competent gate-warden, to be able to work on aspecting.
Doing this Work felt like service to the Other and the community.
On the other side: as soon as I allowed the energy of the Presence going through my body, it felt like healing.

Reblogging: Equinox and Lunar eclipse are coming

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