Day: December 22, 2020

Grand Tableau yule 2020

For this grand tableau I use the card meanings of hedgewitchery cartomancy and the Coven of Cards combined with  some methods of the new world witchery guide to cartomancy

I put the Joker as my significator in the complete deck and played the tableau in 4×13, leaving the last card out as a overall oracle for this spread.

To keep the first reading simple, I will focus on the significator and the nearest cards, later on I will expand on other significant cards.

First impression, Significator 00 is nearby the middle of the bottom row where A♠ stands at the center.
The significator is surrounded by challenging black cards!
The oracle is overall summarised by the last card 2♠, crossing swords, a duel!

A♣-Q♠-9♣: Beginning to work with the Dark Lady will change my way of Working.
Q♣-00-A♠:  The Reaping Wife gives the querent the blade to work with.

Looking at the vertical influences on the Significator:
8♠-4♠-1♠-00-2♠: Challenging meditations during lockdown will connect the Dark Lady with the Querent, who will have to confront the Guardian on the threshold.