Month: November 2020

Kipper reading for a friend

"can you ask how things will develop in the next 2 weeks for work? anything positive coming up?" 16 his thoughts-12 rich girl-22 military person10 journey-2 SIGNIFICATOR-26 great fortune24 thief-35 long way-3 marriage intrepretation, using 'bavarian method' significator box:in your mind there is the strong wish to become a successful woman in the world of … Continue reading Kipper reading for a friend

Basic cartomancy with playing cards

Standard playing cards are cheap, available, multi-purpose (also useful for gaming) Some questions to consider.... CAN IT PROVIDE FOR ME WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH? A: I will use cartomancy to enable insight in daily questions. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PERFORM? A: My readings with cartomancy will take 1-60 minutes depending on … Continue reading Basic cartomancy with playing cards

Unboxing Roopa Dudley Kipper

First of all: I love the Frida Kahlo vibe in Roopa Dudley's Kipper cards Caveat:This deck is definitely not for beginners, it assumes experience/knowledge on Kipper:Kipper  cards from 1920 are depicted such that Hauptperson 1, Gute Herr (5), and Reicher GuterHerr (13) all face to the left, and their partners Hauptperson 2, Gute Dame (6), … Continue reading Unboxing Roopa Dudley Kipper

Cartomancy For the Witch of Poor Memory

Considering I have trouble with memorizing large lists, I am really fond of poetic memory-aides!Here comes something I found on the web, inspired by hedgewitchery  The firstmost rule is easily had: Red cards are good and black cards are bad.   The secondmost rule shall bring greater fruits: It deals with the meanings of each … Continue reading Cartomancy For the Witch of Poor Memory

 Camoin Tarot de Marseille method

Must read...Camoin basic rules  for reading TDM... The method works for me, but...his claim 'heir to a tradition which goes back for many centuries' is contested in the Tarot community. 1st rule : It is always the person asking the question who shuffles the cards and selects the cards. The cards are placed face down, … Continue reading  Camoin Tarot de Marseille method