Month: January 2021

2020: Santa Muerte enters the field – 09

24-flux: we are like antennae that can receive and transmit the original Light ...that also reaches us through our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors and through the forms we have given our Gods 7♠-8♥-Q♣: tears-party-reaping wife interpretation: the tears of the ancestors has to be healed before the wellcoming of the good harvest Ping: 2020: … Continue reading 2020: Santa Muerte enters the field – 09

Introducing Santa Muerte

Have you heard of Santa Muerte? ... Faith traditions in the Americas are as diverse and expressive as the many cultures they emerge from, but one particular set of traditions has captured the eye and ire of official orthodoxies in government, law enforcement and the Christian church, the passionate veneration of Most Holy Death. ping—  … Continue reading Introducing Santa Muerte