Meditations on Malachim – intention

Introducing my meetings with the Shining Ones

After some encounters with malachim in trances in dreams, I am trying to formulate my view of the Shining Ones in the context of the shamanic worldview.
In this worldview, they mainly reside in the upper world.
I consider malachim  as emanations of the multiverse after the Big Bang, comparable with the qabbalistic idea how the emanation  of the Divine in creation diverged in many diverging avatars.

Why should I connect with the malachim?
It seems to me they have been knocking at my door, so now I intend to answer the call to connect

How am I going to connect with the malachim?
I prefer to use the shamanic trance journey to the upper world, using dance, drum, singing.
To find my way in the other world, to be able to relate to the inspirations and energies I meet, I need to use imagery (signs, symbols, visualisations) in the same way I use a map for travelling, at the same time reminding myself that a map is not the territory.
So when I use ritual tools and imagery, I have to be aware that the menu is not the meal.

For now I will work with the signs, symbols and imagery of the 72 guardian angels.

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