Swap reading playing cards 13

“I am developing a project on two different networks, a humanistic and a religious one. Which network will work out better for this project?”

OPTIONS: Humanistic – Queen of Hearts / Religious – Queen of Diamonds

QUESTION: 3 of Diamonds ~ Ace of Hearts ~ 5 of Spades

ADVICE: 8 of Hearts

As a simple options spread, the answer was split 50/50! Either network will be suitable and it’s totally your choice.
The energy that you bring to this question is one of it being time for you to get moving to put your personal goals into action.
What’s brought you to this point has been small increases, incremental growth, and moderate gains. Your project is growing slowly but surely.
The underlying issue is your passion for your project. It inspires and motivates you to keep moving forward because you really do love it!
The outcome, however, shows that there may be some conflict ahead.
This could be either inner conflict or outer conflict.
You might get a bit annoyed with one or both of your networks and wish to let that anger out.
Count to ten, take a deep breath, and decide if giving up on your passion project is what you really want.
If you’ve had enough, the choice is yours but perhaps this conflict could be talked out.

Your advice is:
Find happiness on new horizons.
This project is exciting and fun and will bring you happiness if you remain open to the option of new ways of promoting it. It doesn’t mean that your current networks will fail you, just that it’s good to keep an open mind about new options that may arise.
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