Tricube Tales – Teenage Ghostbusters in New York

The steampunk city-state GOTHAM is surrounded by the Mythago Mists since the nineteenth century, when the veils between the three worlds were lifted.

At that time the Wayne Estate founded the Scout Movement to protect the innocent.

Many adventurous youngsters have joined the movement since then.

Rudolph was one of them…
He run away from his constricting Mennonite village Hicksville to New York where he became a vagrant lost boy until Sister Bright took him from the streets to Candleville’s Our Lady Homestead for lost children.
The village baker Hilda taught him some bread-baking magic, but he was still unhappy with the rural life.
Meeting the weird girl Maggy really changed his life, she showed him several Portals.

His travel through the Machine Portal ended in him being captured till he was freed by his brother and some other friends from the Resistance.
Maggy showed back again to lead them to the portal back home, but she granted his wish ‘to go to New York’.

‘Be careful what you are wishing for’ were here last words before he entered  the portal ‘Ye Olde New York’….

Rudolph ended up in a different New York!
Becoming a vagrant lost boy again, he was taking in by a patrol of Scouts…
Now this might be the perfect life for him!

Rudolph did not say much about the initiation rite of the Scouts; ‘it was weird!’

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