Tricube Tales – Teenage Ghostbusters in New York: The dangerous outside

Rumors at school mentioning a group of other kids from another class going to Rogue Island:

A year ago, five students investigated the Islands, never to return!
Another newbie group investigated recently, coming back with wild stories:

The Island was really haunted….
We met the ghosts of the disappeared kids in the village, they were mostly incoherent moaning apparitions, but we also saw a shadow of a Lady in Blue.

Most houses had Rune markings on their doors, but were abandoned for a long time!

There were many strange trails of a long tailed two-legged thing with claws…

Following the trails, we arrived at a large house on the hill nearby the village.
In the cellar we found a great workplace for butchery: all kinds of large silver choppers, knives, hatchets.
During our investigation we were surprised by the return of the landlord.

Murderous mayhem ensued!
Cold Iron did not hurt the landlord, but silver worked quite well…
After receiving several wounds he disappeared in a cloud!

At last , the bound spirits of the dead were released, they followed the shadow of the Lady to the Otherworld…


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