Grand Tableau Newyear Eve 2022  – 03 

Follow-up on GT NYE 2022, updated with new input from a friend:

The row of the trio of deuces  without ♥:
A balancing act between action, health, finances.
On the right side 2♠ immediately followed by 7♠ :  some disbalance causing health issues.
On the left side 2 red ladies blessing love and money
Farthest left side 2 black ladies toil and trouble: it seems that Santa Muerte is receding but not gone yet.
Above the significator: 10♦ flanked by the black Aces ♣ & ♠ together with Jack Ketch  ♠: risky business operations

Summary: I suppose I have to take care for my health and be careful with financial gambles!

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