Grand Tableau Newyear Eve 2022 – 02

Follow-up on GT NYE 2022

A friend pointed out the following pattern

  1. Midway left: the two red Ladies ♥ & ♦
    meeting the two red Aces ♥ & ♦
    AND meeting meeting a duet of two 6 ♠ & ♥
    AND meeting a a trio of deuces  without ♥
    leading towards
    Nearby diagonal right:
    a duet of 7 ♠ & ♥ in the shadow of J♠
    AND a duet of  8 ♣ &  ♥
  2. Faraway left: a duet of the two dark Ladies ♣ & ♠
  3. Most far diagonal left: a trio of 5 without ♣

Looking at this more detailed view, I see the following:

a complicated pattern of interplay:
the Good Godmothers & the Good Stars guided the way through the perilous roads till the thorny fork in the path towards
the possible near future accident caused by vicious Blackjack Jack Ketch)
A better planned approach thanks to MerryMan Jack Flash

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