Swap reading playing cards 12


Starting September, I am trying to continue my walkabout project with a new connection.
How will this new exchange work out till midwinter?


3 of Diamonds ~ 6 of Clubs ~ King of Diamonds-8 of Clubs

The energy that you bring to this reading is a friendly one of increasing social opportunities that you wish to be mutually beneficial.
Your energy is positive in regard to your question and that is what people pick up on when they connect with you.
What has brought you to this point is a small increase in the number of your friends.
This card shows taking things slowly or one step at a time.
You are being friendly but cautious.
The underlying issue is one of support and assistance, given and received. As mentioned, this connection is mutually beneficial.
Your outcome is one of taking a leadership role.
You are wise and capable and guide your new friend as a mentor and leader. You will also receive such support. Congrats! 🙂
Your advice is to get moving, get out there, and just do it!
Travel is indicated and in this sense, I feel it means movement.

ping: Swap reading playing cards 01 – Dreamquest

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