Swap reading playing cards 16


I am not coping again very well with more ongoing changes within my current employment.
I want change but can’t seem to find the strength within myself to actively do something about it.
My question: Why am I so resistant to change?

A: (using hedgewitchery system) & conjure cards

Q ♦ – 8 ♠ – A ♥ : may queen/morning glory – mob/strange bed – home/kiss/robin nest

First impression:
one black card sandwiched between two red cards…
starting point: blessings from the May Queen are around you!
end goal: a stable home-run

The strange bed is filled with all kind of harmful mind-games that are blocking the good outcome!

It seems you are tending to over-think, frittering away your energy with worrying thoughts that disturb your rest.

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