Swap reading playing cards 15

I intend to travel to Asia summer 2022, how will that work out?


8S Rx + 9C

You will need to control your frustration as you work around all the fluctuating COVID legislated laws/rules that a tourist will need to have in place prior to the trip and when you arrive in the countries you have on your travel plans.
They are not insurmountable but it will draw on your mental strength and endurance in keeping abreast with all the rule changes.

10D + AH
Something significant is going to take place prior to your planned departure.
It may suggest that you either postpone the trip indefinitely or you limit the amount of countries you plan to travel too or cut the amount of time you plan to be away for.
Whatever transpires is a personal decision rather than based on anything to do with what is happening around the globe at the time of travel.

JH + 7C
Domestic movement rather than international is suggested.
It could see you volunteering your time in service to someone within the family or a friendship that needs support.
It could also indicate that changes around your residence could see you relocating your home while repairs are going on.
It seems to indicate that this is done willingly rather than resenting the planned travel.
In summing up,
I don’t perceive you traveling to Asia in 2022 at this moment in time of the reading.
You certainly have prepared yourself for the travel but at the last moment something will happen that will change your mind.

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