A clan of shining ones

Somewhere on internet I saw a Mongolian Mirror
mongolian mirror
This is very much like my own mirror from the Ming Dynasty

Ming mirror

I have been told the Mongolian shamans used replica’s from chinese mirrors to do shamanic work, now I am confinced the story might be true!

Maybe both mirrors were descended from an older common ancestor, an ancient template, who knows?
I still have to decipher the chinese symbols on the back, they are almost unreadable except the top and bottom ones: WU ZI – FIVE ANCESTORS

Wikipedia says:
“Wuzi Yanzong Wan (Chinese: 五子衍宗丸) is a deep brown pill used in traditional Chinese medicine to “replenish the kidney with vital essence“. It tastes sweet, sour and slightly bitter. It is used where there is “deficiency syndrome of the kidney marked by backache, dribbling of urine after micturitionseminal emissionpremature ejaculationimpotence and sterility“. The binding agent of the pill is honey.”

HAH! Just what I needed!

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